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Over the years, while we have been working with different clients and have been recruiting franchisees for them, we have often come across entrepreneurs with diverse needs. We always felt that there are millions of business seekers who need the right guidance and information along with a very deep understanding of who they are and what will suit them.

This gave birth to Franchise Bazar, a online supermarket for small and medium businesses and franchisees and a offline, one-one consultation service, that connects entrepreneurs with the right business opportunities.

While companies are always contemplating on how to reach their desired franchisees or business partners more efficiently, we thought that this end to end service for them, is the need of the hour.  We had the expertise, know how and the understanding on both ends and went about creating a platform that would do so much for the franchise industry.We are sure as a business owner or a franchisor, you would love the possibilities that open up for you through franchise bazar, while we are engaging the entrepreneurs seeking new business opportunities, across various geographies.

We are Franchising Franchise Bazar. Entrepreneurs could now Represent us in their City/Town in Two Ways:

  1. Office Hub Model: If you can arrange a 300 Sft exclusive office in a prominent, easily accessible location and have the time to be a franchise coach, please send in your profile and background and why you think you could be very good at guiding entrepreneurs into new businesses. We will evaluate our association and if we approve your profile will ask you to invest around 3 Lakhs additionally in the business and call you over to our HO for a personalized 2 day training programme with our CEO.We will then connect you with our backend, that will help you give out some of the finest opportunities, freshly updated everyday, to the new business seekers in your city.
  2. Independent Franchise Associate: If you do not want to invest in a office or have time to be a Full  Time Consultant, you could become our Part Time Franchise Associate.We expect you to be very well connected or into Financial Services, Insurance, Property, HNI Services, Consultancy, Direct Sales, or any other similar service which brings you in contact with a lot of people who are interested in starting or investing in new businesses.You will need to invest Rs 1 Lakh into this business, after which we would train you to become a Independent Franchise Coach.You will be connected to our office hub and will be able to service your customers from there.

Please send in your applications to and have a detailed discussion with him on +91 9844443200 on how you could get into this exciting industry and represent Franchise Bazar in your city.


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