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Franchise Exhibitions

The Franchise Expo Module: Recruiting Franchises through franchise exhibitions in India requires expertise and experience. We believe, that this could be one of the most expensive forms and time-energy consuming form of franchise expansion any client could opt and hence if they decide to use the expo module, then they must be sure that they get results. We participate in several franchise exhibitions for our clients and get them results through our propreitary recruitment processes. Please ask for our latest expo module and see if that is geographically in sync with the franchisee you are looking to recruit. You could also bring down your costs as we could share the costs of our booths with a few franchisors and already have a team of printers and designers working on the leaflets, brochures and backdrops. Hence our costs of participation are much lower than anybody else and if you divide that with the number of participants sharing the costs…it cannot get better. Apart from that we extensively share newsprint, television, movies, Internet and other mediums to reach the target audiences with a couple of franchisors. Hence we have some amazing solutions to recruit franchisees for you on a customized basis ensuring every rupee that you spend on this gives you great results. (Please ask for our latest franchise expo module proposal and how could benefit from participating with us in the upcoming expo’s). 


The salient features of the shared expo module is:

1) Shared Cost Of 1 Pavilion where multiple brands are showcased. In most cases client end up spending lesser than ¼ of the total cost, had they participated on their own. Also we are aware of the best expo’s that are held in different locations and only participate in the ones we believe would get us the conversions or in other words are ideally suited for our clients.

2) 1 Sparkleminds Project Lead Per Brand. This would ensure that a professional consultant who projects the client, instead of their own employees, represents them. This also ensures that the client does not have to be present themselves or spend on travel and stay to each of the locations they participate in.

3) Before the show, Sparkleminds could pre-fix meetings with serious prospects from their own database (in excess of 10,000 prospects in every major city of India) and arrange meetings with client after the show. (This is done at an additional cost as it entails Bulk SMS & Email campaigns).

4) Banner, Leaflet, & Other promotional activities are designed and printed by Sparkleminds.

5) Entire logistics of preparing the booth and ensuring that the opportunity is ready for display on the days of expo is managed by sparkleminds.

6) If the client has his own senior team members/directors, who would want to be present at the expo, then serious prospects are introduced to the company representatives at the show itself. Initial filtering of what we call as the ‘franchise window shoppers’ is done by the sparkleminds project lead. The clients representative do not worry of logistics, and come to the show, to just meet the serious prospects, without having to worry of the follow up, either.

7) After the show, we follow a two-week, follow up plan, within which the entire prospects are discussed and screened for final meetings with the company. This entire activity is much larger than the participation itself as more than 50% of the entire expo conversion work is done at this stage.

8) Final meetings are arranged and negotiations and sign ups facilitated, post, which we take a success fee for every sign up that happens through the exercise.

Hence, we have defined every step of the expo participation module very meticulously and ensure that clients get success from us, every time they seek a franchise through us.

Please speak to one of our franchise marketing experts and they would explain in detail the cost of working with us on this module and how you could now leave or outsource the entire franchise recruitment across the country through this module to us.


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