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Franchise Marketing/Franchise Marketing Plan

We begin with marketing your franchise. The challenge as always is to get the right franchisees at the lowest possible costs. Why try or take chances, when you can get pre-defined results. Our experts will help you analyse which franchise marketing tools and sales activity would be most effective for your business. How you must position your brand from a franchise seekers perspective and where you must be present to capture the attention of the right franchisee profiles. This is a combination of a short term and a long term strategy, which rotates around getting the right franchise partners quarter after quarter, and at the same time, build the campaign for effective recruitment, in larger numbers, at a later stage. You could use our franchise expo modules, where over the years we have nearly perfected the art of converting franchisees through expos. How about using our newspaper recruitment module, our web development and internet maximization strategies that include social media marketing and network building exercises online and offline.


What is the right franchise marketing strategy? What is the right resource allocation in terms of time, money and capital for your business? Though, we do not act as brokers ourselves, we are connected to the entire ‘franchise and real estate broker’ community across the country and use the same to help our franchisors get franchisees additionally through a pure success fee/ franchise brokerage model at franchise bazar.

This works very effectively along with a dedicated annual franchise recruitment plan wherein allocations are clearly done to achieve franchise recruitment results. These are some of the franchise marketing activities that we use effectively for our clients and as we always say it is as important to choose which franchise marketing activities you must not choose as against being equally careful on which ones you must. Hence we help our clients to make the right choices whilst they go about setting the targets for how many franchisees they would like to make in this month/quarter/year.

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