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Franchise Quiz

Take the Franchise QUIZ for a Self Assessment Check to find if your business if Franchiseable

This test is designed to give you a quick assessment of your company's franchisability. Just enter your information here, take the test, and find out for yourself. If you have the will we can give you the professional tools to get Franchise Serious!

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Check the boxes for a YES answer or the most relevant answer in case of multiple choices
1. Are you a good teacher and delegator?   Yes No
2, Do you have a long-term commitment to your business?   Yes No
3. Do you consider yourself " leadership material “?   Yes No
4. Would you enjoy acting as mentor to a large number of people?   Yes No
5. Are you hungry to grow your business?   Yes No
6. You need a franchisee who would invest in your business and start your franchisee, thereafter you would run the franchise yourself completely and you would not need him for the day to day functioning of the business.
Yes No
7. You are not a procrastinator, you are a doer!   Yes No
8. Are you prepared to invest in your franchise systems growth?   Yes No
9. You have plenty of patience and a long-term vision for your business?   Yes No
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