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Franchise Strategy

A well-defined franchise strategy must cover the entire gamut of the franchisors business and ensure that there is a definitive growth, support and running the business is analysed. We have chalked out the key areas we work on whilst working on the Sparkleminds consultancy module, which typically is not limited to but covers the following:

1. Goals and Objectives
a) Development Strategy
iii) Time Lines

2. Franchise Analysis Of The Marketplace and Overall Operating Environment:
b) Key Franchised & Non Franchised Competitors
c) ii) any seasonality or regulatory issues impacting the business
d) Branding
f) The Right Franchisee Prospect
h) iii) During the agreement and Post Termination Provisions.

3. Franchising Structure.
            a) Types of franchisees to be offered
            c)(ii)(3) Territorial Protection
               (iv) Franchisors right to operate within the franchisee territory
            d) Fees, Royalties & Other Contributions from the franchisee
               (ii)(2)(a) Accepted use of marketing fund contributions
               (iii)(1) Recommended method for determining royalty.
            i) Audit, Accounting & Reporting Structure
            j) Special Considerations for different categories of franchisees

4. Franchisee Support System
            a)(ii) Site Fit outs, Infrastructure & Infrastructure Building Support
            c) (i)(4)(c) margins on different products and services.
            e)(v) key performance indicator benchmarking

5. The Pilot Franchised Operation
b) iii) Major expenses itemization and anticipated ROI for franchisees.

6. Franchise Marketing and Sales Strategy.
b) Sales Materials
c) (ii)(2) Dual emphasis upon franchise sales and brand promotion

7. The Franchisor Operation
d) Projected revenues, profits and cash flow.

8. Timelines for Franchise Development.
b) Preliminary franchise structure and strategy output
f) Marketing Plan, Website & Other Base Requirements for connect program
i) Implementation tasks



Note: In-between Topics at each stage have not been elaborated here deliberately.

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