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Franchise Consultants

Over the years, we have worked with several clients, who are at different stages of their franchise evolution. From clients who’ve started with us from an Idea to One’s who have been doing international franchising, we have offered solutions to all of them.

Please click the relevant section below to choose where you belong to and how you could utilize our services to improve your business and its franchising.

  1. I Want To Be A Franchisor/ Franchise A Business.

    1. Have a Fantastic Business idea and want to be a Franchisor 
    2. Have an existing business which I want to franchise.

  2. I Am Already Franchising 

    1. Franchise Services For New Franchisors
    2. Franchise Services for Mature Franchisors
    3. I want to Franchise Internationally

  3. Am An International Company Seeking To Franchise In India

  4. I Am In A Developing Country and Want To Franchise My Business In My Nation.(Other Than India)

  5. Business Owners / Manufacturers / Importers / Service Providers: I want to offer my Agency / Distributorship / Dealership to Prospective Entrepreneurs.


For complete information about our Existing and International Franchise Services please speak to the concerned officers. Whether you belong to either of these categories or are seeking additional services of any kind we would be glad to help.

  1. I am not sure if my business is franchiseable
  2. I have a great business idea how I can franchise it.
  3. I am Franchising in my own city, I now want to Franchise across other cities
  4. I have multiple Franchisees, how could Sparkleminds help me make my network more effective, increase my sales & become more profitable
  5. I am Franchising from many years & need a few Franchisees in selected locations
  6. I want to take my business outside India
  7. I am a International Franchisor & want to start Franchising in India
  8. Can sparkleminds help me with franchising in my own country
  9. I am a manufacturer/importer and want agents/distributors/dealers to sell my products/services.

We believe that we offer the best, and the best integrated services to the Franchise industry. So, whatever your next step along the Franchise pathway we would be pleased to understand the same and help you franchise your business.

And since you are here please fill in the free  franchisor form here and we shall have the same available for prospective franchisees who are seeking options reach out to you…All for free .


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