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As a franchise consulting enterprise, Sparkleminds values our economy and its growth very subtly and perceptively from the franchise business perspective. It is said that India and China along with otherdeveloping nations will be the new franchise frontiers.

While we go about franchising, we would like to ensure that we learn from the history of franchising and contribute ourselves not merely from an individual business perspective but its relation to all external conditions. Hence we understands and guide companies of the best international practices, saves them considerable cost and time in avoiding franchise mishaps, thereby contributing directly to the success of companies and their businesses and finally to the country by these successes.


We aim at encouraging self-employment and leadership qualities. Providing lucrative franchise business opportunities for the discerning and aspiring individuals through sustainable franchise models we create.  Creating business opportunities invariably means creating employment opportunities.  Channelling capitalists and entrepreneurs to invest in the franchising business model and to create franchisor businesses that can support 1000's of families and employ millions.

Sparkleminds is focused on the environment and ensures that whichever business it consults, the focus is on ensuring that we care for our environment. Whether it's recycling cartridges or going organic, we have been very keen to participate in making this world a better place, in our own ways.

Sparkleminds appointing franchise partners at inaccessible territories makes products and services brands available to common man by giving variety of choices. It facilitates MNC's and various new products and services to find roots in the domestic market, with the understanding and blend of ethnic tastes and culture, hence contributing to the growth of the nations and the economies. We have been involved in businesses that reach the grass roots of the country, ensuring that they lift the lower strata's of the society and put them into positions where their lives have improved drastically. So whether it has been the english teaching companies or the computer training franchisors, or the NGO's who have used our franchise models to reach out to the farmers and villages, we have been absolutely thrilled with our ways of contributing to the society and would be more then pleased to take up such assignments, where at times, we strongly want to give back much more than we take.

So go ahead reach us if you believe you need to lay a strong franchise foundation and at the same time ensure that you care for the world, your nation. The future we leave behind for the generations to come is in our hands and the least we can all do is to give it to them at least the way we have got it, if not better.

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