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Franche Proven Method

The Franchise Sutra: Sparkleminds Time Tested Approach To Franchising:

Sparkleminds has devised a ‘success formula which when followed by clients’, would ensure that they succeed in franchising. We have worked upon several systems and processes and have come to understand that companies need to follow the proven method of franchising. Hence we have sewn a string of franchise rules which should get franchisors success in their franchising. We call this the franchise sutra whose threads are as follows:


Do you want to understand whether franchising is for your business. Were you always wondering as to how you could have effective control mechanisms in place to ensure that your business could be franchised correctly. We would like to invite you to attend one of our Franclinics and get all your queries of how fast you can franchise your business, what could be the costs involved and the resources that you need to have to get started with franchising

A Franclinic is conducted by a senior consultant to help you understand these basic first stage franchise pre-requisites at no costs, so as to help you firm up your thoughts and to assess whether you must franchise your business now or later and what would it take to get started.

Sparkleminds HO Visit:

We are head quartered at Swiss Complex On Race Course Road In Bangalore. Situated just next to the Taj West End and Facing the Majestic Bangalore Race Course, we invite franchisers to visit us at our office and meet up with a senior consultant and other team members to see for themselves how we have been able to create success stories. We invite you to tell us your story, to question us on your franchising and to go away with a handful of tips and probably a road map to how you can now make franchising work for you.

Initial Diagnosis and Consultation:

How will you get a road map to make franchising work for you? The typical diagnostics that entrepreneurs seek are from things like is my business franchiseable, should I take the company owned expansion route or franchise my business, what would be the costs involved, what would be the time frames. When you meet a senior franchise consultant with rich franchising experience and expertise, these answers would help you evaluate the merits of franchising. You will definitely gain to understand a couple of things which would become very essential to the growth of your business and hence help you lay the building blocks of franchising success.

Franchise Development :

Sparkleminds core expertise is franchise development. We work with all kinds of companies that want to franchise or are already franchising. Whether you have a idea that you want to franchise or you already have 100’s of franchisees seeking national or international expansion, we work at every layer of franchising providing expertise needed to perform efficiently at each of these layers. We have consulted companies of all sizes, from fortune 500 companies to single individual proprietorship companies and have used the sparkleminds consultancy module along with our services on comprehensive franchise strategy, feasibility study and information gathering, financial modelling, territorial mapping, franchise marketing brochures, franchise trainings, franchise manuals, franchise agreements, franchisee recruitment, franchise training and support functions and global expansion. Our franchise development programmes comprise of a 360 degree evaluation of the entire business ensuring that we work closely with you in devising a customized franchise programme that is either built from scratch or refined at whichever phase, ensuring that your franchise goals are met and objectives achieved.

Franchise Recruitment Training :

Sparkleminds has a deep understanding of the prospective franchisee, the market conditions and the cultural sensitivities involved in recruiting franchisees across the subcontinent. It works closely in training the franchisor teams to efficiently maximise on all lead generation activities and to conclude a franchise sale. It then works on a on going basis with the franchisor top management to assess, analyze and oversee that the teams have been achieving the desired results. Hence ensuring that the franchiser utilizes the right teams, the right marketing activities and recruits the right franchisees.

Franchise Management Training :

The complexities and ethos of working within a franchise organization has its own shares of challenges. Sparkleminds conducts specific management training programmes for these growing organizations to help them align themselves with the advantages of qualitative franchising. It works on core areas of building the franchise organization, training the franchisees, giving them support on the ground, effective franchisor marketing, franchisor compliances, franchisee relationship exercises and adequate responsibility assignments.

Franchise Documentation, Audit Checks & System Reviews:

It is very critical to have the right documents in place and along with it the updation of these in tune with the current market conditions. Sparkleminds offers a host of documentation solutions ranging from complete operation manuals, training manuals, agreements, complete system review to just a single document amendment. We have the expertise to complete these documentations accurately and within specified time frames to meet the ever growing need of such professional franchiser services.



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