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About Sparkleminds

Our Birth & Metamorphosis:

We are a boutique franchise consulting company. Initiated in 1998 and founded by Mr. Amit Nahar, a professional consulting talent, hailing from a reputed business family. Early exposure to franchising in the western countries and a vision to create a world-class platform on franchising led to the inception of Sparkleminds. With a robust management team and senior franchise professionals, today we are amongst the only pure consulting company with over a decade of franchising experience in the Indian Sub-Continent. We realised very early that working environments and methods of sales and distribution would have to transform in India and developing countries. With a predictable vision that franchising would become increasingly important as a vehicle for business expansion in the coming times, we set about defining the rules of the game, and are today amongst the most respected companies in our field.


We have also envisaged that more and more small and medium size enterprises would need to understand the benefits and structural implications of this dynamic sales and marketing system, in order to manage growth in a mutually profitable, supportive growth driven business. The result being that we are a part of a lot of iconic success stories on franchising in the subcontinent. Realizing the lack of comprehensive resources and scant infrastructure that is available, we were determined to create a professional turnkey organization that would provide all the fundamental requirements for an ethical company, and to materialize a successful franchise development company.

After a decade of doing business, we have made separate divisions within the company that handle specific segments within franchising. With the birth of, a lead generation portal for franchisers to connect with the right franchisees for their business, we have ensured that we are able to focus on creating a franchise community, which connect and interact with each other. We have gone a step further and are in the process of creating FranchiseBazar offices across the country, where entrepreneurs seeking new businesses, could come to this franchise supermarket, meet a real person and then get advised on what could be suitable for them, all under one roof.

Since its foundation Sparkleminds has played a vital role in catalysing franchising in India and is looking forward to contributing to the growth of franchising in the developing countries.

Our Vision:

Catalyse Franchising Globally whilst the world order takes prominence on the developing economies and these economies set the tone for a new century.

Create a Knowledge Cum Execution platform where products and services move from birth to consumption through a much defined profitable route whereby all the 3, the producer or the service provider, the franchisee and the customer benefit.

Our Mission:

To constantly innovate channels of reaching the customer in the most efficient manner.
To constantly increase efficiency and profitability’s for companies & franchisees.
To constantly drive companies and entrepreneurs towards growth and their ultimate goals.

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