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Written by Aakansha S

If the person reading this is an India, then, let me ask you this: Have you wondered how we often see a huge variety of global brands opening their latest outlets here and how it attracts so many consumers that you’re never able to see these outlets without a long queue of people eagerly waiting to snatch their latest buy? This is a result of master franchise opportunities in India made available for every aspiring Entrepreneur.


India is a country that always spreads its arms to companies that are looking to build its franchise in it. India has been a constant choice for entrepreneurs and businessmen to start a franchise because of the wide variety of industries it houses, the resources it has and the professionals that are constantly recruited in these franchises.  In addition to that, India is boiling with franchise opportunities. The increase in franchise opportunities in India is a constant attraction for investors and businessmen who look forward to establishing their brand in this country.


Besides, the most popular master franchises in India, namely are Subway, Baskin Robbins and many more. These brands did not blow up the way it did without following a procedure that most foreign brands follow as they enter India. There is 10 step procedure that Sparklemind proposed from which, many clients have benefitted from. In this 10 step program, the client will be assisted through each step.


STEP 1: Initial visit to client HQ

STEP 2: Pre-entry research & market study

STEP 3: Defining the entire business strategy & package

STEP 4: Pre-sale documentation and registrations of trademarks and IP rights

STEP 5: Marketing the master franchise opportunities in India in the desired territories

STEP 6: Discovery days across 5 different cities in different regions of the country

STEP 7: Finalising the master/regional franchisees.

STEP 8: Reserve bank of India Approval and other statutory approvals required at this stage

STEP 9: Overseeing the start of the operations by the franchisees

STEP 10: Recruiting unit franchisees


However, in order to get to the crux of this blog, it’s important to address the elephant in the room: Adaptiveness. It’s no easy task to pack your belonging and come to a country like India that is largely diverse and not experience feelings of culture shock. In order to overcome the initial buffering when one enters a new country to start a business, Sparkleminds can help you out.


  • Firstly, it is important to look at the laws of your brand. A good majority of international brands have laws that are likely to be not enforced in India. Therefore, one has to make sure that these laws are redone in order to suit the Indian laws. Working with Sparkleminds will make this process a lot easier as they help with legal compliances.


  • In order to help one get acquainted with the country and its customer base a little better, Sparkleminds hosts a 5 city discovery day program wherein it provides you with an opportunity to look at potential candidates who are very likely or have shown great interest to the franchisor and the business,


  • Before deciding on India to be the home to one of your franchises, make sure that it supports all your needs and requirements as India is a very large country and hence very competitive. As it appears very daunting to outsiders, it’s best to get acquainted with a professional from Sparkleminds to help understand the statistics of the franchise industry and plan accordingly on how one can tackle problems that could possibly arise after setting up a franchise in India.


            Sparkleminds promises to answer all your queries regarding tackling business in a country like India. We will connect you with the best professionals to help make the process a smooth and insightful experience.

Consult an expert before framing the Franchise Model.

Written by Aakansha S

The process of a business idea developing into a full-fledged idea which can, later on, be manifested in the market can be a very complex task. This is where the concept of franchising comes to play. When one looks into the franchising world, it comes to our notice that the number of franchises in the world has increased on a large scale. A major reason as to why franchises have become so popular is because it’s a promise that franchising one’s business is an established route to success. Working with a market expert in designing your franchise model is always advisable.


In order to take a dive into the franchising world, one has to understand what franchising is. The first step to franchising is signing the contractual arrangement between two firms: the franchisor and the franchisee. According to this arrangement that the contract holds, the franchisee has the right to buy market goods or services that are listed under the franchisor’s company or brand name.  However, although the statements listed above ensure you a smooth journey to success, it is not so. One’s concept or their idea has to be franchised effectively so that it proves to be a great expansion strategy that does not require a bulk of capital that will drain the budget of the company.

How does one do this?

  • Know your business: One cannot give details to the franchisee that is marked with doubt and indecisiveness as franchisee does not have the liberty to improvise upon various details. This also requires looking into whether one’s business can be franchised. Every step of the process has to be outlined and well thought out. The franchiser is the parents of the business; the creator. The franchiser will have to provide details on how the franchisee should go about the procedure.


  • What Is Your End Goal?: We all know how not mouth watering the results of converting one’s business into a franchise is. However, one should get carried away by this. Some companies want to scale at a reasonable rate whereas some companies might look forward to becoming franchisees with new business models which may result in an expansion of the company. For others, it may mean a new outlet or outlets. In order to get a clearer idea, one can hire a franchise consultant to help guide them in making various decisions.


  • Planning: There should be a strategic business planning wherein the franchisor takes into account their company’s current status with growth and the goal of expansion. Knowing this will enable the franchisor with a clearer idea of what requirements are needed to set up the franchise. These requirements will have to be stitched into the wider fabric of the companies organizational functionality. In order to sell franchises, the franchisors should also have a marketing plan that is able to communicate the franchisor’s goal.


Here, at sparkleminds, we recognize how every business is different and in accordance to the franchisor’s needs, we tailor programs that suit the franchisor’s prospect. We do this by formulating a clear strategy by analyzing the requirements and the challenges that could be posed to the company under various circumstances. We offer expert advice on the functions that should be carried out by the franchisor in terms of finance, human resources, etc. Although turning one’s business into a franchise can be a hard task, reaching out to sparkleminds can make the process easier and faster.

A guidance to create successful business journey.

Written by Aakansha S


This blog covers the nuances that revolve around the journey to become a successful business owner. It concerns how one should work smarter and how one should gauge their possible shortcomings in order to ensure a smooth path. One should pay attention to the all the details like finances, contacts, work hours, competition and how to eliminate the effects of it. Hiring a franchise consultant can also ensure a smooth process.

            Imagine this: a broad desk, papers and pens organized systematically across it and then, there’s you, typing away on your computer, looking up briefly to greet your employers. That, I hope, sounds extremely inviting. Having a platform to see your ideas played out in the business field is quite the entrepreneurial dream. Unfortunately, this dream – this dream is quite hard to reach. Now, of course, the aforementioned statement isn’t the best motivational statement to put out there. But, most aspiring entrepreneurs know what to expect. The business world is an extremely competitive world, one that thrives on hours of countless efforts and sleepless nights. Let’s take you through what makes one a successful business owner.

The major points every business person should focus on:

  • Work smart, not hard: A clichéd idea of an entrepreneur is one who stays up and the picture painted is quite daunting. Who wants to give up their beauty sleep forever? The best business owners around the world emphasize how one should work smarter, not harder. Overworking leads to fatigue and exhaustion which eventually leads to a lot of errors which, unfortunately, paves the path for failures. Failures are what makes a person who they are but given a chance to avoid them, we’d all stand in line. In order to do this, one should hire a team of people with different interests thereby ensuring that attention is paid to all the areas that require attention.
  • Know your market: One of the most important elements in understanding how to plan out a good business idea is to understand the market. In order to do this, one has to have a clear idea as to who they should sell to and in order to do that, who they should contact. Now that one’s target market is fixed, they need to understand potential factors that could prove to be a risk factor to their potential company. Eliminating such risks is beneficial to work out a clearer idea of how they should go about different challenges and opportunities.
  • Analyse the competitive perimeter: Understanding and having an overview of the competition is also very important. One has to keep time away to understand the shortcomings that could come about as a result of competitors. It is key to plan out methods to avoid it or cope with it. There are possibilities that one is not successful in pushing their product in the business world because the saturation that the market has faced or is going through. One should pull through times like these.
  • Get your finances sorted: One should keep in mind the capital required to conduct a certain type of business. A blind eye towards finances will cost one (metaphorically and literally) a lot more in the future and because of how unpredictable the prospect of businesses are.

In order to ensure aspiring entrepreneurs the smoothest journey to marketing the best business ideas possible, make sure that your steps cover consulting an expert who will make the process a lot easier. Head on to to meet experienced and talented franchise consultants who have a keen eye in scouring out the best opportunities for you. Let’s get started with making your dreams become reality.

Do you want to Franchise your Business? Let not success influence but guide you!!

Written by Sparkleminds

The successful growth of various start-ups and small businesses has inspired  business owners to take the franchise route. Year over year we have several businesses sprouting with franchise to grow domestically and globally.

Today, though franchising is considered a profitable approach to grow either a small or big business, entrepreneurs who are on the verge of taking this route should thoroughly understand the pros and cons and just not assume that franchise business model can drive complete success.

There are certain businesses which have taken up franchising and have failed to appoint any franchisee finally routed back to their earlier business operations. Growing your business needs lot of effort, a proper strategy, research and also need to consider various loopholes related to franchise your business.

How Opportunities have grown in India after Demonetisation and GST

Written by Sparkleminds

India is known for immense business opportunities be it for National as well as International brands. Various international brands have expanded their footprints strongly in India, either through company-owned outlets or franchising. If you are a business owner and are looking at expansion, then there is no better time than now, to learn how to franchise your business in India and then get started with the franchise marketing and recruitment activities. I will bring out reasons as to why this is the time to start franchising your business and go ahead of the competition.

India with a GDP predicted growth of 7.2% in 2017-18 is considered as the fastest growing economy and the land for business opportunities. The government’s initiative like Make in India, Digital India, Start-up India has made it an easier route for various MNCs to invest. This has also resulted in most unorganized businesses looking at the organized formats.

Franchise your manufacturing business in India

Written by Sparkleminds

Franchise your manufacturing business in India. Join the KRANTI of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Is India ready for the fourth Industrial revolution which is underway globally?

Technologies involving advanced robotics, 3D-printing, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and neurosciences are shaping the course of the global manufacturing industry. Manufacturers have no option but to innovate, upgrade or perish. India is in the midst of what we can call, ‘KRANTI’ (Knowledge, Research, and New Technology in India). Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target for the manufacturing sector to achieve 25% of our GDP by 2022 and I feel Franchising can play a very vital role in this KRANTI in India.

Alongside this development, it is being noted that manufacturers across the globe are setting up mini plants closer to their customers. This they feel is the best strategy to service a customer during these competitive times. There are several industries in which the current technology has become outdated and there is a newer, more efficient and more acceptable way of manufacturing or assembling products. We are coming across several such manufacturers in India who are seeking the franchise model to expansion. They strongly believe that there is a huge market that can be tapped through these local franchises across various pockets of the country.

techJoYnT appoints Sparkleminds to recruit their master franchise in India

Written by Sparkleminds

techJoYnT appoints Sparkleminds to recruit their master franchise in India

Every child is unique and has the power to innovate.  techJOYnT, with its head office in Austin Texas,  the gamified hands-on learning centers for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education utilizing a proprietary GEAR (game design, electronics, app development, and robotics) learning pathway platform, announced a strategic franchise growth initiative that aims to add new franchise locations in markets across India. The strategic franchise growth initiative is to empower more children and communities to transform from passive users to passionate innovators than has been previously reached through the company’s unique and proven instructional delivery system.

When to sell your business- The Story of La Quinta

Written by Sparkleminds

When to sell your business- The Story of La Quinta

La Quinta in Spanish means “The fifth”. It can also mean “the country place”. The story of La Quinta started out at San Antonio, Texas in 1968. La Quinta corporation was made the parent company of the subsidiary called La Quinta properties as they grew to be a large chain with a standardized company-owned hotel and franchised hotel with a symbol of LQ. It also grew outside the United States across Canada, Mexico, and Honduras. La Quinta now has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. In January 2006 a merger closed between a private equity firm, Blackstone group and La Quinta properties for $3.4 billion paid by Blackstone group in cash and debt.

In April 2014 LA Quinta holdings inc was listed on the New York stock exchange where they sold shares to the public for the first time.

The franchise strategy of OYO rooms has proved to be successful

Written by Sparkleminds

The franchise strategy of OYO rooms has proved to be successful

OYO (Oravel Stays Pvt Ltd) has been adopting various strategies for expansion. But the franchise strategy has found success.

Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of Oravel Stays Pvt ltd launched a website for hotel bookings in 2012. After staying in over 100 Hotels to research the industry, he pivoted his startup to OYO rooms. OYO rooms started with one hotel in Gurgaon in January 2013 and by September 2017 it had around 70000 rooms in 8500 hotels.  In 2015, at the age of 21, Ritesh raised $25 million from investors like, sequoia, DSG Consumer Partners, Light speed ventures and San Francisco based Greenoaks Capital.

In December 2017 OYO announced that it will be changing its expansion strategy from hotel aggregator model to the franchising model and all hotels will be shifted to the franchising model. Mr Agarwar said that moving to the franchising model had very less impact on the pricing of the rooms. Due to the shift the company is able to manage, agreements, franchise partners, and hotel inventory more efficiently with fewer hotel staff.  OYO has new procedures in place for all franchises, for example, one floor manager assigned for every 100 rooms, simplifying the managers work by data analytics and computers, auditors for checking 30% of hotels every day, etc.

Franchise model is the best business expansion strategy!

Written by Sparkleminds

Franchise model is the best business expansion strategy!


A franchise is an authorization granted to a company or an agency for specified business activity in accordance with the standards set by the franchiser. When a business is expanding as a franchise it is necessary to carefully configure the franchise agreements. The terms and conditions are to be well thought out. All the possible conflicts and should be addressed beforehand. Experts with a foresight into all possible conflicts are the ones who will be able to configure it and there are no better experts in creating a franchise than the franchise consultants at Sparkleminds. Sparkleminds can recognize a profitable franchise beforehand and help companies create brands which they will be able to give as a franchise. The royalties that a business will enjoy by giving out a franchise will increase the value of its shares manifold.