Franchise Sales Training

Franchise Sales Training

The most significant piece of any franchise sales training program is a durable operation manual. While the operations manual acts as the franchisee’s textbook during training. Its most important function is to serve as your quality control mechanism. 

The franchise offering document includes all the details. Hence, the creation of the operations manual is generally one of the first and most vital steps in the development of your new franchise program.

Why Franchise Sales Training?

We typically write the operations manual as if the franchise has no experience in the industry and no prior skills. This is because the operations manual acts as an extension of the franchise agreement. 

Therefore, is a legally binding compliance tool that must incorporate all the standards you will require for each franchise. We ensure the document includes all the steps for the development of a new business. 

It starts with finding a site, opening a bank account, obtaining a tax identification number and even implementing good business practices in general.

Why Hire Sparkleminds For Franchise Sales Training?

Franchise Sales Training

While most franchisors provide extensive training to new franchisees, many fail to ensure that franchisees that the implementation goes on accordingly. Thus, their managers receive ongoing and refresher sales training courses. The managers and employees need to be trained. 

This should be done as soon as they are hired. The franchise sales training opportunity helps in building the foundation of the employees. As a result, in some systems, franchisees and their managers are often inadequately trained in new policies and procedures regarding system standards. 

The franchisor does not have a clear understanding of what training the franchisees are providing to their new employees.

To Sum up,

To minimize the erosion of system standards over time through lack of sales training. Sparkleminds as your franchise sales manager, helps you develop an effective sales training program. 

This requires ongoing certification on core competency issues for franchisees and their key staff members. We design the policies for the replacement of individuals. For example, the trainer’s details and the timeline for training. 

Such a program includes periodic refresher training for these top positions. We regularly update them with new services and products. In addition, for any key (“certified”) positions within the franchisee’s organization.  We have the expertise and are ready to share, give us a call today.