Prototype Development Assistance

Prototype Development Assistance

Developing the right prototype and then refining it involves not only a thorough understanding of the business in question. Also a thorough understanding of franchising and then basing this to franchising your business.

Hence sparkleminds works closely with the franchisor while they are seeking to:

  • We implement franchise development and analyse the pilot based on various factors before recruitment of franchise.
  • Are seeking entry into newer markets and want to refine their existing models.
  • So are you seeking to improve the profitability of the Pilot before they got onto franchising it?
  • Are buying, selling or merging a franchise company.
  • If you are seeking to understand their strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities, markets, competitors and the overall issues concerned with the development of their business.

We essentially work on the following areas of Prototype Development. We also customize it to the specific requirements. The franchisor has to meet their objectives are outlined below. This by no means is conclusive and could be exhaustive based on the requirements that a franchise business organization has.

The following are a few pointers:

  • Optimising the products and services that the business has to offer by finding, testing and adding new or improved products/services.
  • Working on building consistency and ease of operations for the franchise; whilst ensuring the image and the brand is managed properly.
  • Additional security, re-assessing or introducing checkpoints and ensuring the right surveillance systems are in place.
  • Using the latest technologies for the creation of manuals and delivery of training.
  • Working on different marketing programs that would be required at the unit levels across the franchise system. Therefore, integrating franchisee participation in marketing programmes.
  • Systemisation and automation of the franchise business at different levels.
  • Adaptation of the franchise business at regional, national and international levels.
  • Sparkleminds will conduct an internal audit for the pilot business. And after analysing we will recommend the changes required in the prototype.
  • External Surveys and Market Research to improve the offerings and services

Please speak to one of our senior franchise consultants to understand in detail as to how you could avail our services for the above.