C&F Opportunities

C&F Opportunities

Have you been looking for the top C&F opportunities in India, that could match your requirements?

We will get you the latest, hottest, most exciting C&F franchise business opportunities for your city/town/location. We will help you out with C&F opportunities in India.

You will have to register on FranchiseBazar and follow this registration link to be able to complete your exact requirements. Then speak to a consultant who would help you based on your requirements.

It is observed that there has been no any platform for C & F Agents to put forward their profiles; to connect with companies for a longer duration and be in a beneficial business. Therefore, we have introduced a valid platform, for all the Sales and Channel partners, which would enable you to introduce yourself with your profile to various companies seeking channel partners on www.franchisebazar.com (Online franchise opportunity portal). We can arrange for top C&F opportunities in pharma, in FMCG and, much more lucrative areas.

After a company manufactures its products, it needs to be sent to the market for sales & distribution so C&F (Carry & forward) agent acts as a medium between the company & distributors and transfers the stock from company to distributors. While distributors do distribution in the market through retail & dealer channel. Carry and Forwarding Agents, store the goods of a company in the warehouse. Sending supplies according to the order of the agencies to the respective destinations. For this C&F agents can make 3% to 6% of the total supplied value. This has  become a good way to start a new business.

Registration Details for C&F opportunities in India:

Register today and take up the annual membership at Rs 999 P.A. to explore all the C&F opportunities in India, that are available on the website. In case you want to hire the services of a personal consultant who will help you with several opportunities; then you will need to take the Rs 14999 P.A membership. They will then work with you personally to help you know the numerous C&F business opportunities available in India with ease and comfort. They will factor your area of interest and based on your investment capability, suggest the best-fit options.

So go ahead and register today and start a new business.