Franchise Property Agents

Franchise Property Agents

With over 3000 franchises operating, it can be hard to know which franchise is right for you. Our franchise agents can help you discover how to find a worthy investment as a franchisee for starting in your own property. Our franchise property services will give you the right type of resources to work with.

With time, emotion and capital all being invested at substantial levels, it is crucial for potential franchisees to choose wisely when it comes to finding the right franchise to join. A significant aspect of a franchisee’s decision-making must involve the way the franchisor operates their business. It’s commonplace to refer to franchisors that are operating the right way, and therefore worthy investments for franchisees, as adhering to the principles of ‘ethical franchising’.

While finding you the right business opportunity for you, we keep in mind the following ethical franchising fundamentals:

  • Just not the idea on paper or in someone’s head. With evidence that the product or service is saleable, and at a level of profit that will sustain both franchisees and franchisor.
  • It needs to be transferable and teachable, which means it can be run in multiple locations by multiple independent operators using the same system, brand, and quality standards.
  • Which broadly covers advertising, recruiting and interactions with franchisees. The legally-binding franchise agreement, while weighted towards the franchisor to protect the brand and wider network. This must be fair to both parties and comply with the law and the Code of Ethics.
  • All information on the business is material to the franchise proposition. The contract is disclosed to the prospective franchisees without ambiguity. If any financial projections and earnings forecasts shall be objective and realistically achievable.

We understand the principles behind a good franchise business, one which is worthy of consideration for your efforts and capital. This is where franchise property management is crucial for your success. With the rise in the market dynamics, you need to find the best among several franchise property groups, our franchise property agents will come in handy.

These are some signs we look for in every potential franchisor we choose for you:

  • Proven success.
  • Open disclosure.
  • Legal Considerations.
  • Initial training.
  • Ongoing support.