How To Franchise

How To Franchise

Wondering How To Franchise Your Business In India ? Where to Start ? What Preparation is needed ?

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At the onset How To Franchise Business seems simple and most business owners have a fair idea of How Does A Franchise Work. What they really don’t get initially is the depth of franchising a business and how important it is to do it correctly, create the right documentation, legal agreements, training programs and everything else that goes into building a franchise model and franchise process flow chart correctly. There are several alternatives to franchising your business, however, once you understand the depth of what can be achieved through a professional roll out of your franchise business plan you will realize the benefits of growing your business through this fantastic medium.

We at Sparkleminds understand how important it is for a business to expand their business correctly. Hence, we provide a customized franchise model for your business. Whether you are a start-up or have already multiple outlets of your business, we assist you at every stage of your franchising journey.

How To Franchise Your Business In India? The Starting Point.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Franchising a Business elaborately is the first step in your business journey. Ideally, having one prototype of the business with excellent market share, great customer reviews and unit profitability is considered as a good starting point. So, if you already qualify with the first step; then we can assist you with building a franchise model for your business. If you’re a traditional business and have been running your business for a long time, you must scale it up. You must adopt to the most modern method of expanding your business and look at franchising. Since your brand is already established in your local regions and to some extent even outside, you have a great chance to succeed as a franchisor. In no time you will be able to achieve a national franchise network and if there is potential, you could start franchising internationally as well.

Incase you have a brilliant business idea to franchise, we could help you with the initial prototype development as well.

How Franchising Business Works In India? …… and Globally

How franchising works in India is different from how it works in globally mature markets like USA, Europe or Australia. USA has a franchise disclosure document or a FDD legislation, wherein there are separate state laws and disclosure norms which have to be followed strictly to be able to franchise in their countries.

India is governed by a host of laws more prominently mentioned in our Franchise Agreement In India sections. There are more than 13 Laws starting from Indian Contract Act 1982 going upto Copyright Act 2013.

However, it is much simpler to start franchising in India than most other countries and when done correctly the markets respond very favorably to most profitable opportunities.

How To Franchise Your Small Business ? Can I do it with Limited Resources.

Most small businesses have limited resources and budgets for expansion and more often than not are unable to expand their business, due to the initial lack of resources. Franchising is the most modern way of funding your business expansion.  Once you go deeper into the franchise expansion model you will realize that it is possible for most business owners to get to franchise a business with no money. Though you will need to invest upfront, in the long run, you will realize that it is paying you back great returns.  Even if you ever had small plans of how to franchise courier service, many companies have been successfully using the franchise model to grow. You have literally not spent anything from your limited resources. However, this is possible only when you do this with experts. Most small business will not be able to do it professionally by themselves and will end up losing a lot of time and money. They will also realize franchises are taking undue advantage because of their naivety. You could start by taking the franchise quiz to assess your readiness to How to Give Franchise Of Your Business in India.

How To Sell A Franchise Idea ? Yes, its possible.

In case, you have a business idea which is relatively newer and do not have the above requisites in place and its work in progress, even then you could get started.  We could help you realize what potential your business could have, if you franchised it. Even sports leagues and competitions are using the franchise model. From NFL in the US to IPL in India, all are trying to their best on how to give players X factors in franchise to make their team much more successful.  We’ve been in the franchises industry for over 20 years now.  We are experts at Developing Franchises. We can help all types of businesses, ideas and start-ups with franchising solutions that can help themselves to get off the ground.

How to Franchise A Restaurant ?

Cloud Satellite Kitchens, Tiffin Services, Catering Services and all types of Food Businesses In India.

We have helped 100+ Food Brands with Franchising. If you are a food business seeking to expand in India, then we specialize in helping all types of food businesses from Restaurants, Food Carts, Kiosks, Cloud Satellite Kitchens, Food Courts, Food Trucks or Food Vehicles, Home Delivery, Fast Casual Outlets, Cake Shops, Coffee Shops, Juice Shops, and all types of Eateries. We have seen the success of big brands franchising and How McDonalds, Subway, Starbucks, Dominos, KFC, Burger King and several other food brands who have become global icons. They have invested in a Restaurant Franchise Business Program very early and are reaping the benefits of creating the adequate support systems. You could emulate their success and create a super brand by franchising your food business correctly.

How To Franchise A Retail Store ? Make More Shops Stores Of Your Brand Across India.

Adopt a Hybrid Strategy of selling online and offline.

If you are running a successful retail store and selling anything from fashion, apparels, accessories, fmcg, medicines or operating a salon, gym, spa, fitness centre, financial services or any kind of product or service that needs a retail interface, a shop or a store then we have great expertise.

We specialise in franchising all types of Retail stores from how to franchise a clothing brand to a pharmacy. Brands like Zara, Levis, Bata and many more have found much success through franchising. We generally build hybrid models for such clients as you need to marry your business with franchising and technology. You could need an online presence and offline presence and your franchises could benefit from both.

How To Franchise Courier Service ?

DTDC, SAFEXPRESS, AMAZON, FEDEX, FLIPKART all operate franchise models in some way. You could franchise your courier, logistics, transportation, warehouse, ecommerce business in india.

Franchise Your Service Business ? & you thought only product based companies can franchise.

Some of the biggest brands in the service industry operate in a franchise model globally. Look at WSI or for that matter Janpro or Cartridge World, they are all classic examples of how a service business can be expanded across the globe using the franchise model. If you operate any type of service business in India, sparkleminds has the expertise to help you franchise it correctly. You will get everything you’d expect to know about how does a franchise work.

How to give Franchise of your Business in India ? Who is Eligible.

SME’s, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Business, Pvt Limited Co, Ltd Co, Corporation, Startups, Venture Funded companies and all types of business can franchise easily in India. There really is no restriction to start franchising and hence the entry barriers are really very low for everybody to get started. All types of companies can be franchised. A few industries which we have already served are as follows:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Service Providers
  • Dealers, Distributors and Agents
  • Importers
  • Education, Training & Coaching Companies
  • Retailers
  • Food & Beverage Business Owners
  • Health, Beauty, Fitness, Wellness
  • Technology Companies
  • Computers, Mobiles, Digital Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction Related
  • Entertainment, Sports & Leisure
  • Travel
  • Logistics
  • Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Alternative Medicines
  • & Many More. Look at our Clients List where we have served 500+ Clients

Whether you’re looking at franchising your business for the first time, or are seeking to convert your existing company-owned operations into a franchise program. Sparkleminds has extensive experience across a wide variety of industries. Developing Franchises includes creating a customized franchise strategy, legal documents, manuals and marketing tools.

A specialized team will work closely with you and your staff and create a strong foundation for your business and then help you with franchise strategy, sales, training and support.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients. We choose our clients as carefully as they choose us. We consult with, package and market franchise companies.

Why Choose Sparkleminds As Your Franchise Consultant?

Sparkleminds offers a “very customized shopping cart” of  services—from helping start a new franchise  company; working with emerging franchise chains;  introducing exciting new foreign  franchise concepts; planning and executing profitable exit strategies  (M&A’s, IPO’s, or other liquidity events)

Sparkleminds believes in building relationships first and then building businesses and companies.

If that strikes a chord with you, call us and we will help you with franchising. Feel free to fill in the Franchise Business Expansion Form , and our consultants will call you instantly for a detailed discussion on how to franchise your business in India or globally and take your brand to different geographies.