International Franchise Association

International Franchise Association

International franchise association is the world’s oldest and largest organization which represents franchising worldwide. They work through local government relations, media relations and conduct education programs to enhance and protect franchising.  International franchise associations comprise of franchise companies which work under 300 different business formats.

International Franchise Association Legal Symposium helps entrepreneurs to understand legal and other aspects of a franchise. IFA – Legal Symposium – Washington, D.C, IFA – Joint Conference – Washington, D.C., May 7-8, 2019

The above mentioned are the two International Franchise Associations events to be held year-on-year.  By visiting these events one can get further details on international franchise

Visiting the association will provide entrepreneurs or business seekers with the platform. Thus, to explore some of the most interesting and new franchising options in India and across the globe. International Franchise Association or IFA is the world’s oldest and the largest franchise platform which represents the world of franchising worldwide.

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