Franchise Funding Sources

Franchise Funding Sources

We make franchising the most organic and optimal franchise funding sources in India.

Franchising permits your company to grow with capital invested by individual franchise owners. You can simultaneously open multiple outlets in a short time. Thus, gaining a foothold over would-be competitors. Our majority of the clients who invested the amount for franchising their business with us; was recouped from the initial sale of franchises in a year. Franchise funding sources are incredible way of expanding your business

A franchisor who hopes to reach a mature and successful stage of development must structure the initial franchise fee and royalty to facilitate. Instead of hindering the entry of qualified franchisees. Your continuing fees should permit the franchisee to price competitively, maintain quality and make a reasonable profit on his investment. Some franchisors desire an initial high profit; thus, they make onerous charges that are incompatible with sound business practice. The methods by which you obtain revenue from franchisees is the most crucial factor.

Licensors / Franchisors can charge royalties based on a percentage of gross revenue derived by a licensee/franchise. We construct elaborate mathematical models to compute a fair or optimum royalty.

Royalties are based on factors, such as:

  • Net profits, gross sales, or net sales.
  • Royalty minimums or maximums or floating based on averages.

Eventually, franchisors are generating revenue from the sales done by the respective franchisees. A large influx of cash comes from mandating your franchisees to buy certain products to run their business. This includes the ingredients for making products, equipment, promotional items, etc. When the franchise owners inevitably buy those things, you have a bigger franchise network with larger orders for vendors and suppliers. This franchise funding options grant you the freedom to negotiate for volume discounts to vendors and suppliers. A portion of this saving by recruiting new franchisees, will give you higher operating margins and a competitive advantage over similar businesses.

Also, franchise locations may operate better and more profitable than “company owned” units. Once again, this is due to the fact that a highly motivated owner is running your business rather than an employee. With their own capital at risk, franchisees are much more motivated than employees and perform at their highest levels of efficiency.