Franchise Business Reviews

Franchise Business Reviews

What is the impact of having positive franchise business reviews and how does one get this to happen?

It is very critical for any business to have great franchise business reviews not only from their customers but also from their franchisees and employees.

A study suggested that over 80% of franchise prospects dropped at advanced stages due to negative franchise reviews. A good review is important as it shows the support and system commitment shown by the franchisor. This leads to easier franchise acquisition resulting in more profits.  For example, franchise business reviews are high in franchises for veterans. They are much better in handling the operational activities and are perfect leaders to guide the team.

So how does one ensure that they have positive franchise reviews?

Its simple. You ought to have a great franchise support system and you must be committed to their success. It all starts there. There are no short cuts.

We’ve seen franchisors who have just started franchising all by themselves being hit the hardest. They have no clue of what goes into supporting franchises until they really encountered the difficulties of working with them.

Franchisors who worked with professional franchise consultancy firms and had a franchise development program throughly done, fared better. They created the right support systems and ended up having the right franchises doing the right things. More importantly they also ensured that their franchises did not do the things they were not supposed to do.

How does one get started with great franchise business reviews for their business ?

You will have to go through these 10 sparkleminds steps to building great franchise reviews for your brand and get you into the top 50, 100, 200 franchise brands in India or franchise business opportunities in India.

  1. Fill up the franchise your business in India expansion form
  2. Take the self-assessment franchise quiz for franchising a business in India.
  3. Undergo the Full Fledged 17 steps sparkleminds India Franchise Development Program.
  4. Build Your Franchise Agreement in India Draft.
  5. Create Your Franchise Marketing Kit.
  6. Start Marketing Your Franchises
  7. Appoint the right Franchise partners in India
  8. Train your Franchises
  9. Support them at every step with detailed Franchise Operations and Training Manuals.
  10. Be available 24/7 for any support that they may need and ensure that your franchise management is impeccable.

We’d be glad to help you build the best franchise business reviews in India for your brand using the steps above. Reach out to our consultants for a more detailed discussion on what goes into building a great franchise business brand.