Top Franchise Consultants In India

Top Franchise Consultants In India


We are an international franchise consulting company. We lay strong franchise foundations for our client’s after which we work very closely with every aspect of their franchise business. Our ultimate aim is to help them achieve their goals. We work with modern methods that catalyze franchising making franchise expansion and operations extremely efficient. Our experience and expertise is always aimed at saving time and costs, while ensuring that clients have a long term sustainable solution. Sparkleminds consists of Individuals with a burning passion for creating value for our clients. We love franchising and would like to harness its power to ignite and maximize the potential of our clients businesses. We eat, drink, walk, sleep and dream franchising.

We receive at least 2 calls every day on an average of somebody who thinks that they have an exciting idea that could be franchised while they try to understand how many franchisees they could make, in what period and how they could build a successful franchise business. With new technologies emerging, with newer products and services and with consumer’s habits and preferences undergoing change, we are glad that we are working with some path breaking franchise companies, which would bring in a new franchising era in India. We have worked hard along with our clients to have built some exciting success stories out of such entrepreneurs. We recommend you speak to us in detail of anything new that you have in mind, at the earliest possible stage.

On the other hand our franchisor teams constantly hear from individual business owners or companies who now want to franchise their existing business or redefine the way they have been doing their business. They have already been in business from a long time, but are confined to their own cities or regions and are not able to expand because of various reasons. Most developing countries like India are full of such entrepreneurs who have been successful in their cities or regions but for some reason or the other, have not been able to go beyond. From the famous chikanwala’s from lucknow, Mughlai food from Delhi, Idly Dosa from Udupi, IT services from Bangalore (even the Pubs), Vada Pav from Mumbai, Biryani from Hyderabad, Sarees/Silk from Banaras, Cotton Textiles from Tirupur, Ayurveda From Kerala, Hosiery from Ludhiana, The 100 item Gujarati Thali from Ahmedabad, The Handicrafts from Jodhpur, there are several local examples from East to West India (Auranachal To Gujarat), from North to South India (Kashmir to Kanya Kumari), each city, each town has a variety of specialist businesses that could be franchised across different regions not only nationally but even internationally.

In both the above cases our senior franchise consultants will have a personal discussion with you and go deep into what you want to achieve, what is it that you have to offer and are you ready to franchise?? If we are convinced that you could go ahead and you have the resources to do so, we will device a clear road map and work closely with you in achieving your goals.

You should franchise your business if you want to significantly expand it, which is if you want to grow your business to its optimum size and maximum profitability. Many great fortunes have been built on Franchising. This is done by franchising a business concept, growing it to a level where it fits the profile for an IPO and then take the company public or at least grow it to a stage where you could get the optimum out of scale of operations and it has reached the deserving masses. The market can value your company at a level much greater than the gross sales and profits of the company can justify. If the market thinks your company has the potential for great growth, then the market will value your company and its stock highly and you can become richer than you ever dreamed possible.

Whether you are a single outlet or a major multinationals, there are several ways that Sparkleminds may be able to assist your growth. The first and most direct is to evaluate your company’s readiness and suitability to be franchised. If the time is right, Sparkleminds can follow on from this and deliver the consultancy and assistance required to transform your business into a fully operational Franchisor. We have products and partners to assist you with everything from territorial mapping to manual writing, from legal agreement to recruiting Franchisees.