Foreign Companies Seeking India Entry

Foreign Companies Seeking India Entry

Global brands seeking India entry strategy or recruitment of India master franchise. So, they could use the extensive work that we have done on the ground in India over the last two decades. 100’s of clients have benefited from our 10 step India entry program. Because, as we would like to propose our proprietary 10 step plan to ease your expansion into India. Also, to help you recruit the right master franchise candidates.

Here’s a look at how we propose to do the same for you:

I – Initial visit to client HQ

II – Pre-entry research & market study

III – Defining the entire business strategy & package

IV – Pre sale documentation and registrations of trademarks and IP rights

– Marketing the master franchisee opportunity in the desired territory using our own databases, network contacts and our understanding of the local marketing tools that would be effective to get the best franchisees out of each of the desired regions.

VI – Discovery days across 5 different cities In different regions of the country

VII – Finalizing the master/regional franchisees

VIII – Reserve Bank of India Approval and other statutory approvals required at this stage

IX – Overseeing the start of operations by the franchisees

X – Then next is recruiting unit franchisees

Hence, you could be assured that we have all the answers that you need to be able to operate in a very challenging market like India. In addition, we work as a single agency who could fulfill all your pre-set up requirements and get your foundation in place before you got started.