Franchise Email Marketing

Franchise Email Marketing

Did you know the most cost efficient, fastest way to reach your desired franchises?

Well, franchise email marketing has been amongst the top lead generation and conversion methods used by a large number of franchisors for a couple of decades now. For any good email marketing campaign, you will need an email database that has the right type of entrepreneurs matching your requirements. You will need to reach out to the specific franchise email marketing agencies who specialise in franchise recruitment’s and have a segregated mailing list that could serve your purpose.

Over the years, our franchise opportunity website is one of the best places to capture email ids for digital online email marketing. We market 1000’s of opportunities on our franchise portal FranchiseBazar and invite millions of entrepreneurs to create their profiles and update their email Id’s. In addition, we ask for their ZIP code and ensure that the subscriber selects a preferred location and budget. With these data points we help you build relevant html mailing content (franchise opportunity e mailers) and send it to your target audiences within these lists. We have over one hundred thousand such prospective registered users who are interested in taking a franchise averaging over ten thousand subscribers from most major cities in India.  We send out regular messages to this pre-screened , opt-in database every month through email blasts, newsletters and other regular marketing exercises aimed at connecting various franchisors and the franchises across Tier I, II and III cities, towns and villages of India.

We also advise our clients to start using their own internal resources for lead generations. Few great options for you to create such a database of email ids is your point of sale systems, reward programs, contests, membership program, etc. Your existing customers have already shared their information with you and you’d be surprised that at times your very own customers could become your best franchises. We can help you send a monthly email of your franchise proposal, and also ensure your franchise opportunity will be advertised through various social media platforms. The e mailer has that linked and it is often seen that prospects use those links to share the opportunity with their known contacts. This also has a high impact on your business in terms of increasing brand engagement internally. (Technology allows for rules to be created, to ensure the email addresses are new/unique and valid, and prevent abusing this system).

The next step is to create an effective franchise email template. For this we work closely with our clients and help them answer the following:

  • Is my Campaign directed at a specified target audience?
  • Am I keeping things short and precise?
  • Is the message consistent throughout the mailing?
  • Is the message clear about what you want from your prospective franchises?
  • Is the message interpreted in the similar way by everyone including your marketing team?

An Entrepreneur would expect an email for franchise proposal to cover:

  • Financial Investments and ROI
  • Space and other infrastructural requirements
  • Broad Functions of the franchisee with time involvement
  • Company and Industry snapshot

These unique challenges are dealt through a well-defined Franchise Marketing Strategy. it is seen that, Franchisors deal with multiple franchise models such as Single location, multi-location, multi-state, etc. and their communication also differs. The Content along with specific templates needs to be customised for effective communication. If the right contents are used the franchisee and franchisor reap the benefits of driving traffic to their business through these emails. Sparkleminds provides Franchise Email marketing services to its clients by creating a sample letter for franchise proposal through their development program. Call us to know how you can make a franchise through our emailing lists and franchise database and make the most through the most dedicated digital email marketing platforms in India for franchising.