Franchise Email Marketing

Franchise Email Marketing

Definition of Franchise Email Marketing

Franchise email marketing is a tactic used by franchisees to increase sales by sending out promotional emails to large numbers of people. Franchise marketing allows businesses to set up distinct accounts for each location, share resources to maintain brand management, generate high-quality leads, and maximise return on investment.

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Franchises

Even though your business can employ a variety of Internet marketing strategies, you might be surprised to hear that email marketing is still among the most successful.

Email is 40 times more effective at generating conversions than social networking. 95% of users who receive marketing emails feel they are at least somewhat useful, and 70% of users say they check emails from their favourite businesses.

Therefore, your franchise may be losing out on sales and revenue if it isn’t already using email to stay in touch with both present and future clients. Learn how email marketing can benefit your company in the next paragraphs, along with a few tactics you can use.

Read on to know about the benefits of email marketing for Franchises in India

#1. Establish relationships with customers

Yes, the corporate marketing team may send emails to your consumers, but keep in mind that these are meant for a broad audience. On the other hand, your place is a part of their neighbourhood.

Building customer relationships will be much easier when you write emails that are relevant to your local audience. This will entice people to return to your establishment and help them have a more favourable experience at your franchise.

#2.  Encourage Client Loyalty

Establishing connections also promotes client loyalty because customers are more inclined to stick with a company they feel a connection to. More ways email marketing might encourage loyalty.

You can utilise emails to inform clients about promotions you’re doing, new menu items, or even send out specialised coupons that they can only use at your particular franchise. This motivates people to return so they may take advantage of the offer or see the new item.

#3. Make yourself stand out among the competition

Franchise email marketing makes your company stand out from nearby competitors. Without a human touch or a passing reminder, customers can mistakenly associate your business with a bigger corporate brand.

However, when they get an email tailored just for your store’s customers, it demonstrates to them that your franchise cares about the neighbourhood. Additionally, regular communication keeps customers reminded of your company and entices them to keep visiting.

#4. Become more aware of your audience

The tracking and evaluation of email marketing are very simple. You can determine what’s working and what’s not by looking at data such as how frequently emails are opened and links are clicked. You can determine which elements of your marketing plan resonate most strongly with your target audience by monitoring this data over time and using that knowledge to change your subsequent efforts.

#5. Utilize your funds wisely

Comparing email marketing expenditures to those of other marketing strategies, they are minimal. Nevertheless, the profits might be very significant.

Email Marketing Tips for Franchises

Franchise Email Marketing

Business owners may profit from franchise email marketing, but how exactly do you create an email campaign that delivers those benefits? 

Here are some pointers to help you write emails that help you accomplish your professional objectives.

  • Examine your subject lines – Users read your subject line first when they receive your email. It is what piques people’s curiosity (or lack thereof) and influences their decision to open the message or not.
  • Become personal – Include their names, give them birthday greetings, and perhaps even send them unique offers based on their past purchasing history because people are 26% more likely to open an email that is tailored to them.
  • Grow your email list – Create a list of email subscribers before launching your email campaign.
  • Establish brand consistency – You want recipients of your emails to know right away that they are coming from your company. For people to recognise your company even if they don’t see the sender’s name, you need to develop something special for it.
  • Send a greetings email – It’s polite to welcome folks who subscribe to your email list.
  • Utilize email management tools – A sizable email list will be amassed as a franchise. Trying to keep these emails sorted can be difficult. You can get aid in this from software.

Did you know the quickest, least expensive approach to locate the franchisees you want?

Franchise email marketing, however, has been one of the most effective lead generation and conversion strategies utilised by many franchisors for several decades now.

You need an email database that contains the proper kind of business owners who meet your standards for any successful email marketing campaign. Similar to this, you must contact the particular franchise email marketing companies that focus on franchise recruitment and have a separate mailing list that could be useful for your purposes.

Over the years, one of the best venues to collect email addresses for digital internet email marketing has been our franchise opportunity website. On our franchise platform FranchiseBazar, we promote thousands of opportunities and welcome millions of business owners to register profiles and update their email addresses. We also make sure that the subscriber chooses a preferred area and budget and asks for their ZIP code.

We assist you in creating pertinent HTML mailing material (franchise opportunity emailers) with these data points. This is by sending it to your target audiences on these lists. With an average of over ten thousand subscribers from most of India’s major cities, we have over 100,000 prospective registered users who are interested in opening a franchise. 

Every month, the team sends emails, newsletters, and other routine marketing efforts to this pre-screened, opt-in database with messaging. As a result, we want to establish connections between various franchisors and franchises throughout India. This includes Tier I, II, and III cities, towns, and villages.

Why Choosing Email Marketing a good option for Franchises?

As a result, we also suggest to our clients to begin employing internal resources for lead creation. Your point-of-sale systems, reward programmes, sweepstakes, and membership programmes are a few excellent possibilities for you to build such a database of email addresses. 

Your current clients have already given you their contact information. Unexpectedly, one of your customers might buy a franchise from you. We can assist you in sending your franchise proposal as a monthly email. Also, we make sure your franchise opportunity is advertised on various social media channels. 

Prospects can share the email more easily when it is on the website. Additionally, this has a significant effect on your organisation by raising internal brand engagement. (Technology enables the creation of rules to guarantee that the email addresses are fresh, distinct, and legitimate and to stop system abuse.).

The second process is to develop a powerful franchise email template.

To do this, we closely collaborate with our clients and support them in responding to the questions below:

  • Design a campaign with the audience in mind.
  • Am I being succinct and to the point?
  • Is the tone of the mailing consistent throughout?
  • Is it clear to potential franchisees what you expect of them?
  • Have the marketing staff and everyone else interpret the message in the same way.

An entrepreneur would anticipate that a franchise proposal email would include:

  • ROI on financial investments
  • Requirements for space and other infrastructure
  • The franchisee’s general responsibilities and time commitment
  • Business and industry overview


A clear franchise marketing strategy can help you overcome obstacles. The franchise owners work with a variety of franchise models, including single-location, multi-location, multi-state, etc., as well as their communication varies accordingly. The proper content and specially designed templates for communications that work.

The franchisee and franchisor gain from driving traffic to their businesses through these emails by using the appropriate content. Sparkleminds offers its clients franchise email marketing services as a result. Consequently, by developing an example franchise proposal letter through their development programme. 

Nonetheless, call us if you’d like to learn more about creating a franchise using our franchise database and mailing lists. to create using the best franchise-focused digital email marketing platforms in India.

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