Franchise Mantra Proven System

Franchise Mantra Proven System

Franchisors and Intending Franchisors could use our franchise mantra proven system, which is a road map, to franchise your business. So, we have created a ‘To Do List,’ which you must have as a resource document, while you go about franchising.

Heres How Our Franchise Mantra Proven System Works

Information & Basic Research:

  • Attend Free FranClinic
  • Speak to Franchise Analyst
  • Read books on franchising
  • Research the Internet on franchising a business
  • Take the Franchise Quiz
  • Evaluate All Expansion Options
    • Grow Internally
    • Find Investors
    • Franchise
      • Business Format Franchising
      • Dealership / Distributorship / Agency
      • Licensing

Meet with a Franchise Consultant

  • Visit the Head office
  • How many years has the firm been in business
  • What is the knowledge and franchise experience that the proposed team has?
  • Is there a project head that will take complete responsibility for your franchising and you will not be lost with the other more important clients the company is working with.
  • Are there systems and processes defined to help clients get success
  • Review the client list and the previous work the company has done and hence seek referrals.
  • Are they really interested in franchising your business correctly? Else are looking as another client who would add to their marketing activities.
  • Are they accredited to the governing franchise association?

Are you moving forward with Franchising?

  • Do personalized detailed meeting with specialized franchise consultants
  • Talk with your chartered accountants, business advisors, close friends, and relatives
  • Make a realistic assessment of the resources you have to move forward in terms of:
    • The Capital and Finances that you have
    • The Personnel
    • The passion and energy that you have to make it happen the time
    • To roll out your franchise network or will you need to fast-track the recruitment of franchisees.
    • To attract the initial consumer and therefore, sustain the consumer vis-à-vis anticipated market changes.

Franchise Mantra Proven System tells you to avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not assume ‘franchising.’
  • Don’t get started with a P&L Sheet & A return on Investment document for a franchisee.
  • Do not copy & paste bits and pieces from similar successful franchise models.
  • Hiring Franchise Managers and Employees will only ensure that you get their perspective of franchising.
  • To design the franchise agreement needs more than a lawyer.
  • Never start with a lawyer, have a complete strategy in place before you even think of getting a legal consultant.
  • If you have never franchised your business before, it’s not easy to do so.
  • Being a Franchisee is much different than running a franchise company.