Why Sparkleminds

Why Sparkleminds

There are several reasons why you could look at us as a franchise catalyst, who could help your franchising. We have listed a few reasons below and maybe you find out in due course of time. That our association has been more valuable than all of these below:


We are a specialized franchise consultancy and do nothing other than franchising. Our success comes from the success of our clients’ franchising and that’s how we are very uniquely positioned.

Breadth Of Services:

We are a one-stop franchise marketing, franchise technology, franchise management, franchise training, franchise documentation, franchise legal, franchise audit and a complete start to finish franchise solutions & services company where you would get all the services you seek from a consulting company under one roof. Ask us for anything in franchising and the answer would be a ‘Yes.’


We also have a time and experience advantage In India.  We have been founded in 1998 and have been around for a long time now. You will see our client list to see the who’s who of franchising and what that really means is. That we have worked on the ground and in different industries and in the remotest of locations. Hence, as in franchising, if you want to learn from the mistakes of others, and ensure that you do not commit the same, then Sparkleminds can hand hold you to success in whatever you are seeking in the India franchise marketplace or for that matter globally.


We also do not hold exhibitions, publish magazines or have any marketing channels, which clients must compulsorily use. Instead, we advise them purely from their business perspective and how each of the different mediums would work for them, making us an absolutely ‘pure’ franchise consulting company.

Worlds Best Franchising Tools:

Since we are a boutique consultancy, we choose our clients as selectively as clients choose us. Results are an integral part of our culture and we know best how difficult it is to franchise every business that is seeking franchisees everywhere or for that matter training franchisees or creating agreements or manuals or other documents & services for our clients. We have put in some of the finest practices world over. From decades of franchising which our international associates across the globe have learned and adapted them to what works best in the different regions of our subcontinent. What we offer is what we call the best of ‘east and west’ of franchising.

Tomorrows Franchising:

We also are at the forefront of how franchising would be done in the coming century. We use the most modern technologies and tools for our client’s advantages. Increased usage of the internet to connect, availability of different communication tools and a host of other advancements. We have ensured that as a franchisor you can have a definitive edge over the competition and that’s what we bring to the table to ensure that you have the necessary gear before the journey and through it.


When it comes to franchising a successful business or a new business or an idea. We have a very deep understanding of how to execute the same. Irrespective of whether it has not been done before or tried in our country or has been done in several ways, we have our own solutions. Whether it is services for new franchisors or existing franchise companies. We have always come with ‘out of the box’ solutions and ensuring that the clients have succeeded from our understanding of the market and its consumers from a franchising perspective. The list of companies who have first tried franchising through us is remarkable. What we have been able to get for them through our network contacts, depth of execution specialization, expertise in establishing their franchisees, training them. Thereafter ensuring that they are functioning smoothly, is something that we hold dearly as our accolades.

Custom Made Solutions:

We also strongly believe that there is no one solution that fits all. Every client’s franchise requirements are analyzed. Custom made solutions, that fit perfectly is sewn for the franchisors ensuring that the client optimizes on the resources that are deployed. We also over a period of time have created indigenous tools like our franchise strategy approach. The franchise mantra, the Sparkleminds consultancy module, the formula 1 franchise program, franchise marketing tools, and have ensured that we use these craftily, to bring in tremendous value for the client’s franchise requirements.

Value Proposition:

Finally, we have seen that successful franchise companies, who have invested in our services, have not only got more than what they have paid us. But have ensured that they have saved a lot of precious time and costs in franchising their business. Over the years, we have been able to save the franchise expansion and other services costs for our franchisors as we negotiate on behalf of them. We ensure that our clients do not pay for more for any services that they seek in our marketplace. It is also imperative that they do not waste time doing things that bring no results or fewer results. Our fees are structured on the client’s success. These are built in a manner to suit most franchisors that have a long-term franchising vision. Whatever your requirements, you will find us reasonable, passionate and committed to making you our next franchise success story.

Please call our senior franchise consultants to understand how you could use either of our services.