Franchise Marketing Kits

Franchise Marketing Kits


The decision to start any business is a big one. Add to that the fact that you are trusting someone else’s business acumen and following the person, investing your time, money and all other resources. Therefore, all the facts and figures are transparently shared with the franchisee.

This is where franchise marketing kits come into play. These are documents prepared to propose the franchise offering of any franchisor to ensure that the franchisee understands the entire offering and is able to move ahead with the decision of taking the franchise. In other words, it is like a company prospectus giving detailed information on the franchise offer, the ROI, the financials, the history of the company, background of the company, the promoters or the founders, the roles and responsibilities of the franchisee and all other things required to sell the franchise.

The franchise brochure is divided into two parts. Which includes the entire offering document and franchise application kit. It captures the entire details of the franchises. The franchisee has to apply with all their disclosures, bank statements, past records, assets, and other details. These are necessary for the franchisor to take a decision to award the franchise.

This procedure is a crucial one as it ensures that detailed information is shared with the prospective franchisees. Therefore, it helps attract the right kind of franchises. The offering document will also help expedite the franchise sale process.

The documentation, in this case, should be done with the help of a professional consultant. As to understand every clause and the need for information. Call us today to help you prepare and understand your franchise marketing kits.