Franchise Marketing Plan Sample

Franchise Marketing Plan Sample

You’ve come to the right place to get your franchise marketing plan sample built. We’ve been appointing franchises across a large variety of businesses and can surely help you with a franchise marketing strategy that would work best for your business and its goals.

A marketing plan is a written document that lays down the plan of action and particular tactics to achieve one’s marketing objectives. Changing your marketing plan from words on the page into a working strategy is a giant step.

Sparkleminds provides a customized marketing plan for different industries ranging from Restaurant Franchise Marketing Plan to Salons, Ecommerce to Business Services, Retail brands to education franchises. We have worked with 500+ brands and have assisted them in building the required market for them in India.

One of the first and most crucial steps that the franchise owner must start is to develop and implement a sound franchise marketing strategy that will promote the business in the regions that it operates in and introduce the brand to the audience that will be instrumental in the franchise’s growth. This is one of the greatest challenges faced by franchisors and achieving success isn’t easy but with the right marketing plan in hand, they can succeed. With the right mixture of brand messaging, consistency, and high standards, business owners can set their franchise on the path to long-term growth which should be the very goal of every franchise marketing plan—and it’s one that’s well within reach when approached in the manner described here.

It’s important to remember that a franchise development marketing plan serves dual purposes:

  1. Promote the brand among the consumers and to attract potential franchisees.
  2. Help franchise owners interested in starting or growing a new franchise.

Here are some guidelines to make a franchise development marketing plan. This will increase brand awareness and urge strong franchise growth.

  • Laying A Strong Foundation

Before approaching the task of developing a franchise marketing plan, it’s first necessary to lay a proper foundation by building a business that generates sufficient revenue to support a wide-scale marketing scheme. This can be done by standardizing the products and operating procedures in use. Doing so will create the kind of consistency required to establish a brand image, which is a vital part of any successful franchise development marketing plan. This needs rigorous training for all the employees, as well as building a culture of collaboration that encourages teamwork and a collective effort to sustain excellence. Once the business itself is in a state that it can support a large marketing effort, it’s time to begin designing a franchise marketing plan.

  • Budgeting

The next step in creating your franchise marketing plan involves setting a budget. Balance your goals and available resources by setting a long-term goal and time frame. Transform that goal into a business that can achieve it, and work backward to a more specific short-term objective.

  • Franchise Local Marketing 

Starting at the smallest level will let you build up your franchise marketing plan into a tool that will help you achieve that goal much more easily. Although it’s vital to maintain brand standardization across the entire franchise, that doesn’t mean that the franchise marketing plan shouldn’t focus on personalization. The localized research needed to complete this section of your plan can usually partially be provided by your franchisee in that area. They will already be in touch with the local audience, local media outlets, and influencers, making local event marketing, finding local PR opportunities, and even local keyword research much easier.

One of the key parts of your franchise marketing strategy will be your social media channel usage. Local-level thinking and research are going to play a very important role when you’re designing this part of your plan. Your research should identify which social media channels your local audience prefers. Franchise Digital Marketing offers a direct line of communications to prospective franchises like no other medium. It helps the franchise to establish a strong brand personality. Additionally, creating a two-way dialogue with consumers and prospective franchises that offers valuable feedback and an opportunity for personalized messaging. For that reason, it’s critical for franchisors to place great emphasis on their social media presence. That’s probably the best way of making the most from what is potentially their chief marketing channel.

  • Franchise ROI Calculator

While designing a franchise marketing plan, it’s essential to realize that the plan must serve more than one purpose. The first purpose is to promote the brand and establish market positioning. The second purpose is to deliver consistent and provable ROI to franchisees, who will be the primary benefactors of the marketing effort through a monthly fee structure. Since most franchisees will build ongoing marketing fees into their franchise financing plans, the ongoing value of the marketing plan must be clear and computable. Franchise Marketing Consultants use proper computational tools from what they term as a franchise ROI calculator.

  • Timing Your Marketing Plan Franchise Business

You must aim at the best time to find your franchisees. Most people are busy during the end of the year and in summers, people tend to enjoy their vacations and think less about career plans. But the new year brings in the idea of new possibilities and hence your target audience of franchisees increases. Therefore, franchising at the start of the year in January is an optimal decision which you should consider before making your franchise marketing plan template. If you are building a franchise marketing plan for an education business, you may want to look at having your franchises ready before the annual admission season starts. This is the April to June period in India.

All business owners must build proper foundations for their franchise and construct a franchise marketing plan template that satisfies these guidelines. Franchise marketing plan sample will establish their brand in the minds of consumers while creating an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees. As the business expands, the franchise marketing plan will have to expand right along with it.

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