Franchise Agreement Draft

Franchise Agreement Draft

Are you a business owner looking for a professional to help you with a Franchise Agreement Draft?  But when you are already thinking about drafting a franchise agreement, it simply means, that you are aware of what a Franchise Agreement means to business owners.

If you are still confused about the Definition of a Franchise Agreement, don’t worry.  Read on to get clarity on the same.

What is a Franchise Agreement in India?

A franchise Agreement simply is a document that enables a Parent Company to operate through several branches run by different individuals who operate in compliance with the standards and specifications imposed by the Parent Company and based on its specific business model. 

The Parent Company through the agreement shares the trademark and gains royalty in exchange for the use of the brand name. The franchise Agreement Draft gives the complete purview of the relationship. 

A Franchise Agreement begins with the date on which the Agreement starts and the place where it is to start alongside the name of the parties. 

How To Draft a Franchise Agreement?

Franchise Agreement Draft
  1. Franchisors Responsibilities
  2. Franchisee Responsibilities
  3. Advertising
  4. Rights
  5. Selling/Transfer of Franchise
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Renewal and Termination
  8. Severability
  9. Jurisdiction

Is there a set Procedure for Franchise Agreement in India?

A franchise agreement is not possible even with a predetermined process. A lawyer will conduct a comprehensive examination of the ownership paperwork attesting to the ownership of the business being put under franchise by the franchisee. 

Both parties to the agreement should carefully and explicitly study the agreement after a lawyer has created it. The agreement is final when any necessary revisions are in place, and both parties will sign it in the presence of the witnesses.

Franchise Agreement Draft Sample

Given below is an attachment for a Franchise Agreement Draft India Free Download for your reference to understand the Contents Franchise Agreement. 


It would be beneficial if you glance through a franchise agreement sample to get a fair idea. This will provide you with what areas to cover while entering into a Franchise relationship.

Understanding Indian Laws When Agreement Drafting

Franchising under the Indian Contract Act helps to objectify the franchise contract in India. With its terms and conditions. This will not only benefit you in the later stage but will also help in making the idea of the business and franchise clear to everyone. 

Franchise agreement words must be used effectively and are very important. An experienced franchise lawyer can explain important provisions of the franchise agreement. 

A franchise lawyer may also be able to point out unusually harsh or one-sided provisions that are not common in the industry. An experienced attorney will understand what to look for in the Franchise Disclosure Document and can identify red flags. 

The franchise relationship is not employer-employee. As the franchisee, you operate a separate business by the franchise system. You are an independent business owner and the franchise agreement reflects this separation of interests. Both parties should thoroughly review franchise agreements before signing.

Who can assist me with a Franchise Agreement?

Hiring a competent documentation lawyer is one of the first and most crucial actions you should take because they are knowledgeable about the specific legal needs and requirements involved in the creation of agreements. 

For obvious reasons, a lawyer would draught an agreement better than you could. Thus, a lawyer is best fit to handle and prepare such documents as they require legal expertise. He or she will be able to advise you and draught for you on your specific case, including the relevant facts, circumstances, and needs.

The lawyer for paperwork is knowledgeable about proper drafting practices and the terms that must be present in your agreement. A professional lawyer should be retained to create such crucial legal documents as this will benefit you in many ways. 

Additionally, he or she can assist with properly stamping and registering the real estate purchase contract.

Apart from this, you can also consider appointing a franchise consulting company that has been addressing to such matters and has a great experience with such documentation.  Moreover, Sparkleminds is one such consulting company that has helped many business owners in preparing various types of business-related documentation.  Also, you can check our website for all our document-related services to satisfy your search.

To Conclude,

To sum up, if you are looking at creating any kind of business-related franchise documents, you can get in touch with our consultants at Sparkleminds, who will be glad to assist you in laying out the right information in the right format.