Franchise Operations Manuals

Franchise Operations Manuals

It is important to have clear defined franchise systems with a simplicity which form the backbone of the operational system. Well, documented franchise operational manuals are amongst the most valuable contribution to the franchise system, let’s understand few benefits of having right franchise manuals, and please continue reading.

These operations manuals form the core and guide the franchisor and franchisee through their journey to run the franchise successfully. As the operations manual contains standard operating procedures, it not only helps reduce the time and efforts for franchisor and franchise but also for the new franchisee to understand the rights and obligations. Every phase of the business is clearly defined including the training tools, methods for communicating policies, corporate compliance programs and communicating strategies in case of breakdown of services.

When the operations and roles are clear they form the essentials of franchise agreements. We have noticed during several instances, where a franchisor creates these manuals. Hence, it helps them examine their businesses in detail and bring in improvements in the way it is operated currently. Operations manual are iterative and changes are done according to the latest developments in market or technology affect the franchise system. The professionals design the manuals. Thus, they form the strongest tool for selling a franchise program.

Sparkleminds can help you additionally create the following manuals to strengthen your franchising:

Pre-opening procedures manual:

This is a simple manual for those who do not have any experience to want to get started with the opening and understanding the franchise system.

Daily systems & procedures manual:

This manual focuses on day to day operations of the franchise

Sales and marketing manual:

These manuals ensure that the franchise follows the recommended marketing activities based on their geographic location. It also focuses on how the franchisee has to manage the brand ethos. Therefore, improve brand visibility in their areas of operations.

Personnel Manuals:

These manuals are there to ensure that the franchisees comply with the HR policies effectively and to ensure that they have the right systems within their set up to motivate and retain personnel. Few things like Hiring policies, Job descriptions, remuneration and employee benefits, Terminations and all other related instructions.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Manual:

Numbers and reporting numbers form the essence for any business, so correct accounting and clear reporting which go a long way in synchronizing the business requirement form the gist of these manuals. Hence making it imperative especially in the Indian context where you have a parallel economy. Thus, other factors that contribute to several systems and checks that have to be followed for a successful franchise program.

Technical Manual:

The specific manuals are required for a business that is technically inclined. We work with the franchisor to be able to ensure that the franchisees are able to easily function with these technical manuals.

Training Manual:

To specifically train your franchisees, employees of franchisees or for that matter the franchisor team. Each franchise system needs to have a specific training manual at all levels.

Sparkleminds work on the principle of ‘know before you invest’ and later assessing the suitability for the franchise system help clients in preparing different manuals. Then we would help you determine the general structure which is consistent throughout. Later we would present well written, and easy to understand draft for your review and comments.

We also support you during revisions or updating franchisor manual either on an individual or on a turnkey basis.

Please speak to our experts and understand how you can create an efficient franchise system by having the right manuals.

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