How To Make Franchise Agreement Contract

How To Make Franchise Agreement Contract

The franchise agreement is the most important document between the Franchisor and Franchisee. With the help of the franchise agreement, the franchisor can protect his business and its functionality with the help of the agreement. The franchise agreement varies from industry-to-industry and business-to-business.

A franchise agreement is based on two types – I) On the basis of the format: they are further divided into the basis of – Product or Distribution franchise, manufacturing, production and processing franchise and business format franchising. II) On the basis of control: which is further divided into – Direct franchising, a master franchise agreement and international franchising.

Understanding all of these is a hindrance for any layman, here, we at Sparkleminds come into the picture and help you understand which is the most apt franchise agreement as per your business and how to go about developing it.

A franchisor should be educated on the laws that are directly/indirectly play a role in your franchise functionalities. With the team of experts at Sparkleminds, we guide you in understanding the importance of – Indian Contact Act, 1872, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, Intellectual Property Laws, Taxation Laws and more.

There are a lot more intricacies a franchisor has to encounter while looking at expanding via the franchise mode and how certain laws play an important role in giving out franchisee to prospective franchise buyers. But, Fret Not! Experts at Sparkleminds are there for your support throughout the timeline.

With experts from Sparkleminds, we can work out an exclusive franchise agreement for your business which is as unique as other. We have been doing this for over the years and we exactly know the type of franchise agreement contract you would require for your business.