Are You Ready To Franchise Your Business

Are You Ready To Franchise Your Business

Wondering If You Are Ready To Franchise Your Business In India ? Where to Start ? What Preparation is needed ? Get all the answers to is my business ready to franchise or when is company ready to franchise while you seek more answers to your Business Expansion Goals.

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Let’s Get You Franchise Ready Now !!!

Do you have a successful business that you would like to expand? Want to franchise your small business? Should You Start Now? Let’s find out if you are ready to franchise or not !

Let us explore if you really are ready to franchise your business. You must understand the key components required to get started with franchising your business in India.

Is India Ready For Your Brand Franchise ?

India currently has more than a million companies using the franchise route to business expansion. Thousands of companies are currently in the process of franchising their businesses across all cities and towns of India. Most of them will be in the marketplace pushing their franchisees in a couple of months. It is one of the most preferred formats of business expansion in most developing economies, while a host of products and services reach the final consumers. You could now use this proven methodology to franchise your business too. India is surely ready to take on your franchise.

Should I Do It Now? When is the right time ? What Do I Need to Consider?

Sparkleminds believes that if your business is “Franchise-able”, you should seriously consider this option. It is quite normal for most entrepreneurs to be unsure of this one question of, “Should I franchise my business?”, now or later.

Becoming a Franchise is the fastest and the most efficient and cost-effective way to expand a business, but the transformation of an independent business to a Franchise system is not so easy. It takes capital and a considerable amount of time. Before you commit to any plan, you need to determine if your business is “Franchise-able”. Once you have set aside some resources, you are ready to franchise your business with the following parameters in place.

Self-Assessment Check

Take the Franchise Quiz and get a score from our consultants on how ready you are to franchise your business. Also hear our CEO on how to franchise your business in India.

Evaluate your business if it has to succeed as Franchise and take the self-assessment check to see your readiness on franchising:

Prototype Development

Your business should have at least one unit or territory operating successfully and profitably— but it is preferable that your business has three or four units, or covers a substantial population or territory. You could be running these units on your own, or within the family or a known circle of people.

Brand Registrations

You should have an intellectual property for your business. Patents, trademarks and copyrights depending on the product or service your business is providing . The goal is to have an identifiable brand which is protected making this a compulsion and not an option.

Business Potential

The business should have long-term market potential. Businesses that capitalize on fads are not good candidates since the product or service may be passé in a few years or less. Try to make a reasonable assessment that the business product or service will be in demand for at least the next 5-10 years. Businesses that are unique in some way lend themselves well to Franchising.

Franchise Training Programs

The operation of the business must be teachable. Remember that in many Franchises the Franchisee has no prior knowledge of the business. Successful franchising demands that the minutest details of business operations are ironed out.

Several Businesses cannot be transferred in their current avatar. Most decision-making and day-to-day operations emanate from the owner who has honed certain skills over many years or maybe decades. This skill acquisition and certain talents, may become the main reason for the franchisee failing.  Pivoting to a business module where Franchisees could be trained to perform the said functions in a limited yet effective manner could be a great solution.

Resource Allocation

The business owner should be sufficiently capitalized to incur the legal and consulting expense necessary to lay the franchise foundation and to formulate a long term strategy. In addition, as a Franchisor, you will be responsible for the formulation and implementation of a training program and must provide a comprehensive manual for Franchisee to use. This could begin with a standard operating procedures format in the beginning and once your operations are standardized to a higher degree, you could collate the operating procedures and begin your manual preparation.

Team Management

Lastly, the Franchisor should have employees on staff to administer to Franchisee needs; this may entail additional hiring of personnel or at least you could use our outsourcing your franchise recruitment module. Ensures that new franchisors do not end up spending excessively on salaries, recruitment and training costs for recruitment of franchisees.

In fact, we will work closely with you in helping you understand the minimal resources that you would need to put in place to start franchising your business. Also, how you could spend additional capital thereafter whilst you see successful franchisees coming up. Please understand the Sparkleminds Franchise Consultancy Model and how we could help you create a franchise success story.