Appoint Dealers Distributors Stockists Agents

Appoint Dealers Distributors Stockists Agents

For all those looking to appoint agents and distributors in India as well as aspiring individuals and businesses seeking agency / Super Stockist/distribution / PCD / Franchise rights, There are many platforms, but we suggest what will work for you the best. From the platform one can appoint Dealers Distributors Stockists Agents and Franchisees for their companies. As this is a very hectic exercise for Sales people to find a C & F Agent / Distributor / Stockist / Dealer / Franchisee to start a long term business association. Sometimes, it is cumbersome exercise. Which takes a lots of time, money and energy to do market survey. To collect the information from the retailers and decide suitability with your requirements we will help and guide you in each and every step etc.

Appoint Dealers Distributors Stockists Agents:

The first step towards establishing agency / distribution system in a foreign country is to understand background knowledge about target market including legal framework. One can identify potential contacts from trade sources, export inquiries, chambers of commerce etc. This place is an excellent source – in fact unique in the world in many respect.

The second step is to contact all those who might be available and have interest in acting as agent/distributor or commercial representative. E-mail, telephone, fax, letter, web-sites etc. could be the ideal media for initial round of information gathering and filtering. Once you have prepared a short list of potential candidates, you should consider a trip to the country for first-hand knowledge of the market and face-to-face interviews of short-listed candidates. Do not forget to enlist the services of a professional lawyer in your target market. Your embassy should be able to help you in this regard. Although, your initial communication should be able to attract sufficient interest and establish confidence in your product/company.

Ideally, your proposal should be drafted in local language and should contain:

  • Background of your company
  • Detail Product Information with specifications/quality/ISO 9000 approval etc.
  • Type of sales representation you are seeking (i.e. agency or representation, exclusive or non-exclusive etc.)
  • Any available information regarding your target market and/or end user
  • Deadline for securing representation in the local market

Your communication should be reviewed by your legal counsel. Please make sure that you do not make an offer or imply a contract during initial round of interaction.

Now we make the things easier for entrepreneurs like you. Any Sales / Company person can find a lot of C & F Agents, Super Stockist, Distributors, Stockist, Dealers and Franchisees information / profiles in one call from your own place without visiting the town.

So, feel free to call us to know about our services, tell us your requirements and for any questions/ queries.