Franchise Brochure

Franchise Brochure

Franchise Brochure is a mini disclosure document about your franchise business offering. Hence, it is done with the help of specialists. What seems like a simple document that introduces your business to any prospective franchisee. 

It should in effect be a very impressive sales and marketing docket and at the same time must include the macro financials and must be legally compliant. This is the first introduction of your franchise to your prospects. 

This is so as to attract the exact profile you seek. We go deep into the psyche of the prospective franchisee. Working closely with clients’ design, our agency develops the exact profile and appeals to those profiles and creates a very appropriate franchise brochure design.

Brochures for education companies are very different from the food companies or for that matter any other type of offering. 

Sparkleminds Role – Franchise Brochure Template

At Sparkleminds we create a mother kit which is at least a 30-page document that elaborates on the franchisor’s business. This includes the roles and responsibilities on both sides and an estimated financial model that elaborates the incomes and expenses very clearly at the onset itself. 

This is further put into a 4-page brochure (generally it is an A4 sized, 2 pages document or a Trifold brochure), which then has information from the mother kit.

Details of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) is to ensure all the basic doubts of any prospective franchisee are okay. Via the document itself and you do not have to keep repeating the same questions time and again. 

Every business has its peculiarities and will have similar questions that most franchises would ask. The document resolves the major queries.

Classic franchise brochure template 

Franchise Brochure

A typical brochure includes:

  • Introduction of the Franchise Business
  • History and Profiles of the Founders and Directors
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Franchisee
  • Franchisor Support
  • Financials
  • FAQ.

A well-done franchise brochure is one of the most important tools that the franchise development manager or the franchise expansion tool would have on their hands. 

It would filter all the unwanted leads and ensure that they would be able to build an advanced-level dialogue. Along with most prospects from the word go. The franchise companies lose the highest number of leads at the initial stage. 

This is approximately, 90% of the first-stage leads. Furthermore, the respective franchise development executives have not been able to create the right impression and there is no standardization of approach.

Need for Franchise Brochure PDF

The franchise brochure PDF can go a long way (most brochures are shared in a PDF format these days instead of a hard copy). This ensures the need to maintain uniformity. To engage the prospects, we send the initial information. This is also done via our portal at Franchisebazar.

To sum up,

We have developed hundreds of brochures of different types of companies and have seen different results come through. You could use our deep expertise to develop the franchising marketing documentation. Which will be perfect to meet your franchise expansion goals.