Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Service

Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Service

We have had extensive experience with understanding the franchisor/franchisee relationships in the past and present. Legal issues enable us to credibly and effectively resolve franchise disputes through our franchise arbitration and mediation service

Furthermore, we have helped to resolve disputes involving a range of franchise businesses. We keep in mind to have a special franchise arbitration agreement between the parties to mediate the talks and solve the dispute in a gratifying way.

We have mediated and arbitrated the resolution of hundreds of disputes in India. In a broad range of subjects, sizes, and complexity. Moreover, we bring to each case the know-how for resolving disputes acquired from 20+ years of experience as a franchise specialist.

Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Service at Sparkleminds – What matters we handle

Franchise Arbitration and mediation service
  • The dispute between a national franchisor and a nationwide group of leading franchisees. This includes a key issue involving the franchisor’s development and distribution of software. This is marketed online to the public in alleged violation of its commitments. And not to compete with its franchisees in their territories. As well as licensing, marketing support, and other related issues.
  • The dispute concerns the franchisee’s alleged non-compliance with standards for quality in the appearance of the dealership, local marketing, service, and financial accountability.
  • A dispute over a franchise dealer’s attempt to sell its dealership. This involves disputed qualifications of the buyer and the manufacturer’s exercise of a right to approve the buyer.
  • The dispute over the franchisor’s termination of a franchise agreement and conditions for termination had been met.
  • Disputes concerning compliance with state regulatory agencies.
  • The disputes involved alleged violations of the covenant not to compete, theft of trade secrets, and use of the trademark and intellectual property.
  • A dispute of issues arising from the audit of franchisee operations and finances, compliance with standards of practice.
  • There are chargebacks due to the unethical practices conducted. Hence, the franchise dealer claims about the incentive sales program.
  • Franchisee claim that the franchisor attempted to unilaterally change the franchise agreement as well as impose greater burdens on the franchisee.
  • Franchisor’s complaints concerning franchisee’s compliance with requirements to invest capital, time, and best efforts in building and developing the franchise in financial products business.
  • Claim by an exclusive distributor for territory for wrongful termination of the exclusive distribution agreement and also other breaches.
  • A dispute between manufacturer and franchise dealer regarding financial responsibility for consumer product claims, and whether claims were manufacturer’s warranty or dealer’s service responsibilities.

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