Business Growth Strategies

Business Growth Strategies

Businesses of all types in every sector are capable of significant growth. The constraining factor isn’t the business model – it’s the ambition and capability of the owner-manager. Although it may take longer to grow in some sectors and some business models can be scaled more quickly than others. Hence, the business growth strategies play a crucial role in the expansion of a business.

How to develop a business process?

If you are to achieve significant growth, your processes and systems will need to change. And people who were right at the start may not be right as the business grows. The owner will have to change his or her own behavior and move from ‘hero’ to ‘strategist’. Hence, this is a great challenge and often one of the biggest barriers to growth. Nearly 90% of successful growth businesses grow by selling more of their existing products and services to existing customers and others like them. Most businesses grow organically.

We have mentored literally thousands of business owners and almost every time we see a business not performing it is primarily; because you are not spending enough hours of the day on the sales process.

Distributors can help you reach markets you could not otherwise target, or not target as economically – for example, if you are a new business, or venturing into a new, unknown market. Businesses often appoint distributors in overseas markets because a local business has existing local customers, contacts, and relationships. Therefore, they understand the local business culture and practices better. We will make sure the distributor has sufficient market reputation and financial strength to achieve what you want.

Franchising could be the ideal way to expand your business, but it’s not something to embark on lightly. So if you’re considering taking the plunge, we’ll help you decide whether franchising is right for you. So you can go through the steps you need to develop a successful franchise network.

Often you’ll achieve quicker business growth. You can create a number of outlets in a relatively short time and you need only a small central organization with a few highly skilled staff. As franchise owners invest their own money, they’re likely to be highly motivated with lots of local knowledge. We can build credibility, authority and genuinely help you by solving problems for you and inspiring you in different ways.