Franchise Exhibitions

Franchise Exhibitions

Franchise Exhibitions – Domestic & International

Overcoming barriers of class, caste, community, language, religion, and location, the spirit of collaboration has united people. Franchise exhibitions thus provide a platform for a unified representation of brands looking to franchise across industries, price points, and a range of interests and skill sets..

Importance of being a part of Franchise Exhibitions in India

  • Find franchises, partners or distributors (build a channel network) (develop a channel network). 
  • Brand presence
  • Increase your network’s potential for sales.

Who can be a part of Franchise Expos?

  • Franchisors seeking expert assistance in obtaining conversions through this participation and seeking to attract franchisees across India or internationally. 
  • Retailers seeking to grow their business through the use of franchises or management/property models. 
  • Product manufacturers searching for dealers and distributors in India. 
  • For the purpose of expansion, international businesses that have master franchisees in India are looking for unit franchise partners. 
  • Franchisors are looking for multi-unit franchise partners for their businesses. 
  • International franchisors are attempting to expand in India by using master franchisees or local agents.

What activities take place in Franchise Exhibitions?

Franchise Exhibitions
  • For our clients, we take part in a number of franchise exhibitions both domestically and internationally throughout the year. Please request our franchise exhibition schedule and check to see whether it corresponds geographically to the region you are trying to recruit for. 
  • Given that we split the expense of our exhibits with a few franchisors, there isn’t a franchise expo activity that you could take part in that would be more effective. 
  • If you compare the net returns from an expo to the costs you invested, our participation fees are far lower than anyone else’s.
  • We develop extremely precise franchise recruitment strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • We have worked with more than 500 brands, so we know what will work for you. We’ll give you accurate guidance.
  • We also have a thorough understanding of the outcomes that are achievable by using particular publications, television, movies, the Internet, and other media to reach the target people. As a result, we have some incredible methods for finding franchisees for you as per your needs, ensuring that every dollar you spend on this will be well spent. 

Request our most recent franchise expo module proposal by calling. How might taking part in the next franchise exhibits with us through our exclusive booth or shared booth module benefit you?

What is Sparkleminds’ role in Franchise Expos in India?

  • The pavilion’s expenses are split among the several brands being displayed. Clients often spend less than one-fourth of the total cost than they would have if they had taken part on their own. 
  • We also support the expos that are in various places. Additionally, we recommend the appropriate participants who can result in conversions.
  • Project Head for Brands at Sparkleminds. This would guarantee that your opportunity is managed and presented to prospects at the expo by a consultant who has received professional training. Additionally, this guarantees that the client does not need to show up or spend money on travel and lodging at each site where they participate. 
  • We can handle franchisee recruitment for smaller businesses that require fewer than 10 franchises annually. Since it is unnecessary to create a costly franchise acquisition team for minimal requirements. 
  • We assign regional project leaders with familiarity with the local languages and difficulties to slightly larger businesses.
  • It may be difficult for you to recruit franchises in other regions or zones if you are based in any location, even if you are operating out of North India and speaking to someone in interior Tamil Nadu. 
  • We can serve as your neighbourhood franchise consultants and deliver results wherever. We can produce more leads for your franchise marketing teams for very large corporations. 
  • By providing them with qualified project managers who understand how to maximise leads and conversions for our yearly platinum clients, we can help them increase their efficiencies.

Sparkleminds’ Working Behind the Scenes

  • Sparkleminds could schedule meetings with clients after the event with serious prospects from their database (over 10,000 prospects in all major cities in India). (This comes at an extra expense because it calls for bulk SMS and email marketing.).
  • Promotional materials that help you get the best results, such as banners and flyers, are made just for you.
  • Sparkleminds oversees all booth preparation logistics and makes sure the opportunity is prepared for exhibition.
  • If the customer has senior directors or team members, who would wish to attend the expo.
  • At the event itself, the firm representatives meet potential customers. Sparkleminds conducts the initial filtration of “Franchise window shoppers” as a result of the Project. The client’s representative attends the event without worrying about the logistics and only wants to meet with the most qualified potential customers.
  • We adhere to a two-week follow-up schedule after the show. Before the prospect’s last meetings with the company, the entire prospect is discussed and screened. Due to the fact that more than half of the expo conversion work has already been completed at this point, the overall activity is significantly greater than the participation itself.
  • We coordinate sign-ups, set up the final meetings, and carry out the discussions on your behalf. Thus we charge a success fee for each sign-up generated by the activity.
  • We could assist you in registering franchises internationally and in franchising them. Using the worldwide exhibition module we created to deliver outcomes for our clients looking to expand internationally.

As a result, we have carefully outlined each phase of the expo participation module. Every time a client uses us to find a franchise, we also make sure they succeed.


To learn more about the cost of working with us on this module and how we can help your teams achieve the desired conversions with our franchise exhibition module, please contact one of our franchise expo experts. 

Should you desire local presence, or wish to outsource certain components or the entirety of your franchise expansion (for smaller firms). You could discuss this with our consultants to find out more about the time and money savings. Working with a group that has been doing this for close to 20 years would be highly beneficial to you. 

Please feel free to comment below in the space provided. Contact us for a detailed conversation.

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