Franchise Exhibitions

Franchise Exhibitions

Franchise Exhibitions In India and Overseas.

The spirit of partnership has brought people together across class, caste, community, language, religion, and geography. Hence franchise exhibitions bring about a collective representation of brands seeking franchises across industries, investment range, and varying interests and skill sets.

Why should you participate in any national/international franchise exhibitions?

  • Find franchises, partners or distributors (develop a channel network).
  • Brand presence
  • Develop your sales network potential.

Who should participate in the franchise expo?

  • Franchisors looking to recruit franchisees across India or globally and seek professional help in getting conversions through this participation.
  • Retail companies looking to expand their stores through franchise or management/property models.
  • Product companies looking to find distributors and dealers in India.
  • International companies that have master franchisees in India and are looking for unit franchise partners for expansion.
  • Franchisors looking for multi-unit franchise partners for their brands.
  • Global franchise companies looking at growing in India through master franchisee or area representatives.

The Events in Franchise exhibitions :

We participate in several franchise exhibitions in India and abroad across the year for our clients and get the results. Please ask for our franchise exhibition calendar and see if that is geographically in sync with the territory you are looking to recruit. There cannot be a more effective franchise expo exercise that you could participate as we share the costs of our booths with a few franchisors. We work with a very skilled team of designers and other vendors working on the leaflets, brochures, and backdrops. Our costs of participation are much lower than anybody else and if you actually calculate the net results got from an expo versus the costs that you invest. You will get a very good ROI from the assigned marketing spends.

We work on very specific franchise recruitment plans designed to get you the results. There is no compulsion to participate in any franchise India exhibitions, franchise expos, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements or any other activity that does not get you the desired results. Over the years we have realized that participating in any franchise exhibition or doing any activity which does not have any historical results backing is generally not advisable. Having consulted over 500+ Brands, we know what works for you and will advise you, precisely that.

Apart from that we deeply understand the results that can be got through specific newsprint, television, movies, the Internet and other mediums to reach the desired audiences. Hence we have some amazing solutions to recruit franchisees for you on a customized basis ensuring every rupee that you spend on this gives you great results. Please ask for our latest franchise expo module proposal. How you could benefit from participating with us in the upcoming franchise exhibitions either through our exclusive booth or shared booth module.

How does the franchise exhibition work?

  • The cost of the pavilion is shared to showcase the multiple brands. In most cases, clients end up spending lesser than ¼ of the total cost, had they participated on their own. We also assist with the expos held at different locations. As well as we suggest the apt ones to participate which can give the conversions.
  • Sparkleminds Project Head per Brand. This would ensure that a professionally trained consultant manages and presents your opportunity to the prospects at the expo. This also ensures that the client does not have to be present themselves or spend on travel and stay to each of the locations they participate in. Smaller clients who need less than 10 franchises in a year could outsource their franchisee recruitment to us. Since it does not make sense to build an expensive franchise acquisition team for small requirements. For slightly larger companies we give regional project heads who understand the local languages and are aware of the local challenges.
  • While you may be operating out of North India and when you are speaking to somebody in interior Tamil Nadu; you may have challenges or for that matter, you could be based out of any region, but recruiting franchises in other regions/zones are not easy. We can become your local franchise consultants and get you results in any location. For very large organizations, we can generate additional leads for your franchise marketing teams. To help them improve their efficiencies through trained project managers who know how to maximize leads and conversions for our annual platinum clients.

Before the Show

  • Sparkleminds could pre-fix meetings with serious prospects from their own database (in excess of 10,000 prospects in every major city of India) and arrange meetings with the client after the show. (This is done at an additional cost as it entails Bulk SMS & Email campaigns).
  • Banner, Leaflet, & Other promotional activities which can get you the optimum results are created for you specifically.
  • Sparkleminds manages the entire logistics of preparing the booth and ensures the opportunity is ready for display.
  • If the client has his own senior team members/directors; who would want to be present at the expo.
  • The company representatives get the serious prospects at the show itself. The Project leads which Sparkleminds conduct, initial filtering of “Franchise window shoppers”. The clients representative do not worry about logistics, and come to the show; to just meet the serious prospects, without having to worry about the follow-up, either.
  • After the show, we follow a two-week follow-up plan. The entire prospects are discussed and screened for final meetings with the company. This entire activity is much larger than the participation itself as more than 50% of the entire expo conversion work is done at this stage.
  • We arrange the final meetings, conduct negotiations on your behalf as well as sign-ups are facilitated. Which we take a success fee for every sign up that happens through the exercise.
  • We could help you franchise across the globe and sign up franchises globally. Using the international exhibition module that we have developed to get results for our clients seeking global expansion.

Hence, we have defined every step of the expo participation module very meticulously. We also ensure that clients get success from us, every time they seek a franchise through us.

Connect for more details:

Please speak to one of our franchise expo experts. So they can explain the details about the cost of working with us on this module; how we can assist your teams to get the desired conversions through our franchise exhibition module. In case you seek local representation or want to outsource parts or your entire franchise expansion (for smaller firms). You could speak to our consultants about the same and learn about the time and cost advantage. You’d have in working with a very experienced team, that has been there and done that for nearly two decades.

Call us now for a detailed discussion.