Franchise Application Form

Franchise Application Form

Franchise Application Form is an elaborate document seeking details about the prospective franchisee, their background, financial resources and everything else. Furthermore, the franchisor would be able to take a decision to award a franchise. Selecting the right franchisee is critical to the success of any franchise system and hence getting the right information at the onset itself, helps the company to screen the candidates and weed out the ones who may not be suitable. A typical application form is devised using these base details, while it is customized depending upon the clients’ overall franchise application process that the company would want to follow. In several countries, there are legal compulsions on what disclosures have to be made and hence the application form is developed keeping that in mind as well.

A typical Franchise Application Template :

Personal Details:



Contact Numbers:

Email ID:

Background Details:



Current Profession / Business:


Property Details:

Property: Owned / Rented / Leased

Size :

Location / Address:

Neighborhood Brands:

Other Details:

Anybody else will help you in this business.

Previous experience in similar business

Previous experience in franchising



Contact Details of the company and its franchise managers.

(You could also download the FranchiseBazar Franchise application Form Pdf for your reference).