Why franchising is the ideal form of expansion – Know the expert’s opinion.

Written by Sarvesh Kumar

Why Franchise your Business?

You might be aware of the term “Franchise” or “Franchising”. So ever wondered how to become a franchisor and expand your business across the world? Yes? then you would be glad to know, business owners tend to adopt a franchise model than starting company-owned outlets.

Hence, your business has to set a milestone and understand from where you could start expanding. Because when you decide to expand, it can cost you a lot and being a startup, it becomes hard. Thus, the franchising model comes into the picture. If you opt for franchising; your major part would be to design a franchising model for the business. Once the model is ready, you are good to start with the expansion of business in the desired demographics.

Sounds easy? But this takes a lot of research about the territory, market demands, cost calculations and more of brainstorming. Furthermore, the biggest task is to find the appropriate business seekers as a franchisee. Therefore, the team of Sparkleminds comes in picture. We not only help you in designing the franchise model but also help you choose the most suitable one.

Should I Franchise my Firm?

Pondering upon should I franchise my business is common among business owners, regardless of the age of the business. The best way to upgrade your knowledge on this is- reading on topics or a discussion with a professional in this field. Sparkleminds has over 2 decades of experience in this industry. We provide complete support to growing/established entrepreneurs to learn about how useful it is to expand via franchise.

Is it the Right Time to Franchise your Business?

An entrepreneur must understand the right time to franchise one’s business. It is always great to start looking at franchising your business. Start the process only when your products or services have been accepted by the public, the market.  Moreover, the target audience is well defined and generating revenue for at least a year. There are a few products and services which are hard to franchise, but with our expertise, they are also franchise-able.

Start Franchising

One of the biggest dreams of an entrepreneur is to establish his/her business in every city across the world. It takes time and effort to reach that stage, in the industry you serve. There are a few points that need to be kept in mind before you start franchising your business:

  • Do you have a Set Business Model?
  • Do you have you the investment and Documentation in place
  • Is your brand marketable and Ready to be Adopted?

Is Your Business Franchise Ready?

There are 10,000 + companies in India that have used a franchise model for them for expansion. There are also close to 5000+ companies which are going to join the bandwagon in the next 12-24 months with this, the market is at a pedestal to offer a variety of franchise opportunities to the entrepreneurs to start a business.

Franchising is the most preferred ways to expand business in their home country and countries across the globe. Business expansion via the franchise mode has proven to be successful and effective, for large companies as well. Big brands have believed franchising as a successful means to expand base be it a mid-size or a small company

So, now you know the potential of franchising and what it can do to help you expand your business. Let’s start with the evaluation check of your business. You could also take the franchise quiz at Sparkleminds to get a score of where your business stands currently and whether you are really ready to start franchising.

  • Requirements to start a franchise

There are a few criteria’s that need to be in place before one looks at franchising their business.

Model Development

  • The first part is to have demonstrable success in place. You will need to have a few outlets, at least a couple, that are already profitable and have been running successfully for at least 12 months. This creates the base for the franchisor to learn and adapt to the customer requirements. In case the franchisor wishes to have the first outlets through franchises, then they may need to invest additionally from their end in the first couple of franchises until they have cracked the success formula and have at least one year of profitability in place for every individual outlet that is operating.
  • Legal Identity – It means that if you are selling a product or a service it is required to have a trademark/ service mark for the same.
  • Business Prospective – The business venture should be set up on long term goals and should be in a position to sustain for the next decade or more. The more unique your business, the better it will be Franchisable.
  • Franchisee Guidance – The business model of the venture must be easily explainable or teachable to the franchisee. The franchisor should be well-versed with the intricacies of the business, and should be in a position to give all the required training to all its franchisee and educate them on running the business successfully. The, required skill-sets for the franchise to function effectively should be taught to every franchisee owner and the skills should not be limited to the original franchise owner.
  • Resource Provision – The Franchisor should be able to provide brief information about the business along with the costs that could be incurred while setting up the franchisee. It is a must for a franchisor to abide by the protocols of the franchise business. Once the business is performing good, the franchisor can collate the operations and prepare a manual for further use.
  • Team Managing – The franchisor should be able to hand costs of the new franchisee and also train & educate them on spending the right amount of money to pay salaries or recruitment of employees etc.

How to become a franchisor

The process of expanding business starts when you have successfully established your first outlet and have a huge database of happy and satisfied customers. This is when you should look for other locations, markets and (or) cities for expansion. While making the plan, conduct the research about your requirements and the optimum locations for reaching out to the right customers.

Since India is well-diversified there are high chances of the products or the service to be accepted in other cities and expanding the market base. There are a lot of ways to expand your business in India i.e. Joint Venture with existing businesses, own stores or franchising to interested franchisor.

The most preferred method of expansion is by reaching out to the franchise consultants. So, if you want to contact one of India’s most experienced consultants then Sparkleminds would be the ideal platform for you. The Franchise Consultants at Sparkleminds can help you understand the potential of your brand, and also provide valuable insights on how to franchise your business and make the franchising process easy for you. We have been in the industry for over 20+ years and have worked with a plethora of brands. At Sparkleminds we have understood that every brand is unique and need a customized franchise strategy, support for the same.

How Much Does It Cost to Franchise A Small Business: Winning A Million Dollar Jackpot?

Written by Aakansha S

It is important to understand or have a clear idea of one of the core factors of franchising: capital. The following article talks about various topics in the arena like what does it take to franchise a business, focusing mainly on how much does it cost to set up a franchise. While tackling these question, we hope to answer queries related to the average cost to franchise a businessfranchise set up coststhe cost of franchising and franchise consultant cost.

Actually, it’s like winning a million-dollar lottery, with the only difference being, that this time you knew the lucky number of the ticket before you bought it. So, think of the initial investment in franchising your business as a ticket to that jackpot. What you are actually asking, is the cost of that ticket.

Before you start a franchise

You’re sure to harbor a well of questions ranging from what type of franchisee profiles to look into to; what does it take to franchise a business to how much does it cost to set up a franchise. These happen to be very essential questions and you’re likely to speed up the process of actualizing your business plan. To start the successful business plan, appropriate capital and resources are required. This will help infiltrate markets and enlarge the consumer base. Take the franchise quiz today and see where you stand and are you really ready to franchise and if yes what is the time and cost, that you will have to invest.

When you are configuring the cost of franchising, you will need to understand the cost of acquiring franchises as well. The type of profiles you seek is defined from the functions they are going to perform. With the right skills, the functions can be performed. So, let’s for a moment look at it from the entrepreneur’s perspective, who is going to take up your franchise. What’s so appealing about the franchise industry that you have to get into it? Well, firstly, the franchise industry has definitely made it a lot less of a risk to start a business.

The Franchise Industry:

The franchise industry has opened a wide window for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. Although most entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of expertise, the only requirement is the right amount of zest and passion. Secondly, investing in a franchise means that you are joining a thriving business. This means that when you sign your consent in a franchise agreement. You are getting permission to use various sources like branding, marketing, advertising and other practices of thriving franchises. This makes you a part of larger networks. Thirdly, it helps you figure out what your targets are. This means that you are highly likely to receive help from franchisors in order to find your target market. This means training, hiring and ongoing support. Hence, if you as a franchisor will have to allocate costs to be able to get your backend ready to take on franchises and make them successful.

How much does it cost to franchise your business in India: Initial Costs to Start Franchising your business in India?

Let’s get to the main focus of this article. After all, what is the average cost to franchise a business? The franchise set up costs have multiple layers. Firstly, we have the initial franchise consultant fees: Most franchise consultancy companies, at-least the reputed ones, will require an initial franchise services fee. This fee range starts from INR 300,000 to INR 10,00,000 or more depending upon the complexity of the business. The depth of the franchisor, the systematization of your business and most importantly your franchise readiness. You must remember that you Franchisees usually pay an ongoing franchise fee or royalty. Then comes the marketing fees which is a fund that is usually a fixed contribution. This means that you are investing in creating an appropriate financial model, which when done correctly will give you monthly yield on your franchising.

Pushing this aside, when we look again from a prospective franchisee buyer, we are usually ascertaining, as to how they are valuing a franchisee. Do they look at how much does it cost in India? The cost of franchising varies, of course from franchise to franchise, business to business. Value is like how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is subjective and it all starts with the question: “Is the franchise too expensive?” After the assessment of whether the franchise is worth it, prospective franchises are bound to just go for it. Along with all the factor in the business that a franchisor has to pay for, the franchise marketing, advertising, lead generation, franchise consultant cost, and on-boarding. The right franchise is a cost you’ll definitely have to put aside for.


Franchise Consultant

Franchise consultant are boons in the franchise world; as they have a lot of experience in the field and are guaranteed to steer you in the right way. Business can have a lot of pitfalls. Make sure you invest in a good franchise consultant to avoid that happening. Also to set up your franchise expansion plan and the rightly priced package. A good franchise consultant will help you develop your franchise development program at a pace. The investments in the franchise system start blooming with the right support system in place. Sometimes you need to recruit slowly and on-board only a few franchises and go-slow step by step.

At times the market dynamics could be that you do not want to lose the first mover advantage or want the rapid expansion to get a certain market share rapidly. All of this is possible, by having experienced franchise consulting firms in India like sparkleminds to help you with all the facets of your franchise development in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to www.sparkleminds.com to figure out the best franchise development services for your business and franchise consultants who are sure to boost your franchise business expansion not only in India but Globally! Happy franchising!

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