Client Feedback & Video Testimonials

Client Feedback & Video Testimonials

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There were a few things I never thought of, I got new insights into the franchising business. The biggest advantage of consulting an expert is that you get clarity of thought. To a large extent, the idea is now streamlined. There was a lot of thinking and thinking, but no clear direction. Looking forward to taking things further. I think a lot of it is clearer, especially in the franchise accounting part.

Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal
Founder, The Happy Tree
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The workshop was fruitful. Now we know what to offer our franchisees. The quality of the workshop was good. Had lots of queries about the franchising model. We learned how to market our brand better. There’s lots of clarity on franchising post the workshop.

Ms. Hajera Lahir
Founder, Baby Sutra
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Wonderful experience. Got to know the business much deeper. Now we know what level we can scale it up. Finance & logistics were discussed. Operations were directed well for us. A lot of clarity on the models. We feel many clams after the process. Constant support for the Sparkleminds team.

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The model built was unique. People management for all franchises has been taken care of. This is an easy way to reach out to people and manage the business. There were lots of questions I didn’t think of. Lots of planning is required. It is precise to what I wanted. I didn’t have any idea about franchising. Now I know how to build a franchise system. This workshop helped me to the point. Inputs were nice and healthy.

Dr. Saranya
Founder, Third Eye
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We had a healthy discussion. Now we are looking forward to it. All the points were covered. All doubts were cleared. How to operate a franchise was cleared. We wanted FOCO but now we are convinced to have FOFO. Big hurdles were cleared during the workshop.

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Very interesting workshop. We feel confident about franchising. Dint have an idea of franchising. Now we know what is to be done. Operations systems were discussed. After the discussion, we were able to understand the work. Lots of work is lined ahead for us.

Mr. Saveen Menon
Founder, The Fitt Studio
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First of all, I did not know my brand name was taken by someone. Another important lesson I learned was the strategic alliance to improve my business.

Mr. Srinivasa Murthy
COO, Giostar
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I think the entire process was interesting. I got another perspective of the entire model. Now I have a new perspective and feel pretty interesting that we can execute with the expertise and experience we have. Good to know we will be able to implement and get good results. The thing I can take away, I really appreciate the time and the dedication he (Amit) conducted the workshop. He had uninterrupted focus and am looking forward to the marketing plan they have proposed and am super excited about it.

Mrs. Sneha Dhobley
Founder, Let’s Transform
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Today was a day of learning. We understood different dynamics of franchise. We learnt what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. We learnt from Mr. Amit Nahar different strategies to implement and correct our business model for franchising. Happy to know our model is franchisable. Wonderful learning day indeed, a special take home message was on the emphasis training. Pre & post training in order to have a scalable franchise model that intricacies are there got opened up today to us in detail. Even though we are new to franchising, we learnt a lot today. Before the start of the session, we had a few questions and requirements which Mr. Amit Nahar had cleared the roadblocks that were there. Few take away was the importance of websites, ways of marketing and different ways of investing in different parts of the business departments. We were nervous at the start of the session, but now our confidence has been boosted up and we are confident in the success of our franchise model.

Dr. Santosh N Madrewar
Founder, Nimai’s Borneo
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Experience of the workshop was excellent with a 5 on 5 rating. Mr. Amit understood our model and needs and how to go about franchising. How all our doubts and understanding of the franchise model and how to develop and implement the same were cleared. Proper justification on legal documentation, franchise fee and marketing guidance. Key takeaway was getting the confidence to move ahead with the franchise route of expansion. I thank sparkleminds again for mentoring and supporting us. The workshop was engaging, comprehensive and constructive. Each and every area of franchising was covered. Complete package as a franchise mentor and leader to show the route on franchise development.

Dr. Sejal Shah
Founder, Dr At Doorstep
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We found the workshop to be fruitful in terms of franchise development. The inputs and guidance given by sparkle★minds on how to do franchising gave us confidence. We wanted to know how to plan the process across different dimensions of franchising. We are very happy that so many questions were covered during the complete workshop. We understood the fundamentals of franchise costs, the Do’s and the Don’ts. Very confident that we can achieve their targets through franchising. With the change in the structure of the business and retail outlets suggestion, it was really wonderful and insightful. The fact we need to increase our business and then look into expansion was the real key takeaway. There wasn’t a dull moment in the entire workshop and it was completely interesting. From the financial point of view, how to set up margins was a major concern. Certain complications in the business model to simplify for the franchises to be able to operate were cleared satisfactorily.

Mr. Srinivasan SN
Founder, Absprints (YT)
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When we started, we had lots of questions right from building the business ourselves or will it make sense to get a partner. What would more importantly make sense with the numbers and the model with the partner. Key takeaway was the validation that this can be done and the model can be where our existing strengths can be played on to a partner’s strength, so overall partnership will be a win-win situation. Doubts about how operational it will be and complexities with the partners. By the end of the workshop, all doubts are cleared and come to a conclusion, that it is not as difficult as we were thinking. Initially lots of confusion if it’s financially feasible or not. After the presentation, I think we can make something out of it. It was good.

Mr. Sudarshan Gangrade
Founder,Lo! Foods
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It was really nice to interact with a professional who has done more than 500+ franchises. We had many gaps in our thinking and the questionnaire. Changing the name and understanding the difference between brand and name was really helpful. Staffing, infrastructure as well as the marketing were very interesting and enlightening to us. It was amazing. Everything was covered. Marketing strategies were done well. All the aspects were wonderfully described. Thank you so much.

Mr. Kirit Mehta
Founder, Epolygon
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We were looking at new businesses that would take us ahead. After several interactions with Sparkleminds we decided to pilot our Juice Parlors. Thank You sparkleminds for your support and guidance for the pilot development assistance without which we would not have been able to take this ahead.

Snehal Kulshreshtha
CEO Retail & Franchise, Rasna Pvt Ltd.
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Venture Capital Firms love to grow their business 5x, 10x, 15x times and more over a couple of years and hence we believe our biggest exponential jump with this brand Masterminds can come through franchising. Sparkleminds has helped us structure the model for this kind of growth and we are very happy with their services.

Farhad Unnadvala
CEO, EDMISSION – Masterminds My Study Centre
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Thank You sparkleminds for helping us in our franchising.

Prashant Narula
Franchise Operations Manager, Lakme
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We hired Sparkleminds to help us expand our very successful retail store business HQ at Coimbatore. We are operating a 10,000 sft store which houses discounted and value based clothing addressing the Apparel and Accessory requirements of Men, Women & Kids priced reasonably for international quality products. The complexities were large since we were manufacturing and also sourcing and also catering to a large variety of customers. We were extremely confident that we needed professional help, which is when we searched for reputed franchise consultants in India and after thorough research finalized Sparkleminds. We underwent their detailed ‘franchise your business’ consulting program and were glad to have got all our answers along with a fantastic model which not only has a complete family store but also individual stores that could be set up in smaller spaces targeting either men, women or kids and making the optimum use of the complexities of the Indian retail markets and availability of spaces. We are now ready to reach out to different parts of India and are confident that this franchise model will help us become a 100 store franchise brand soon. We would recommend Sparkleminds to every business that wants to franchise, as a compulsion, not an alternative that they are exploring.

Giri D and Mohan Raja
Founders, Grasp Clothing
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We have been working in a very fragmented real estate industry in Kolkata for several years and have been contemplating the franchise model as a way of expansion for some time now. We had been studying several real estate companies who were working through the franchise model, after which we decided that this would not be sufficient to build a world class real estate franchise organization. That is when we zeroed on Sparkleminds, after researching a couple of professional franchise consultants in India, who could create the franchise model and recruit franchises for us. We are glad to have made that decision, as over the last couple of months, we have been completely amazed at the amount of understanding that is necessary to create a franchise organization. They have worked through the core of our business and from the beginning given us vital inputs which is so important to have before you get started with franchising. They have given us their recommendations beginning from the branding and continuing to how we must go about our franchising. They have been extremely responsive and committed to give us the right advise wherever needed. We already have a defined annual franchise marketing and recruitment plan in place now as we have a very long journey to accomplish. We are that much more comfortable and confident of our franchising even before we have our first franchisee, as we have a trusted aide, to whom we could go to anytime for the right directions. We would recommend Sparkleminds ‘AS A MUST HAVE’ for anybody seeking to expand their businesses or seeking to franchise. Thank You Mr. Amit Nahar and Mr. Kashif.

Mahesh Somani
Managing Director, Liyans Commerce Pvt Ltd
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BG Cleaning Systems International hired Sparkleminds to oversee and lead the BG Cleaning Systems franchise expansion in India. Our experience with Amit Nahar and the rest of the team in Bangalore has been very good and we are very happy with the service and the work they have done for BG Cleaning Systems. I would easily say that without Amit Nahar, our success in India would not have been the same. I recommend Sparkleminds to any foreign company that needs the right franchise model and entry strategy for India. The team at Sparkleminds go the extra mile that is needed to get good results in a complicated India business environment.

Benedikt Hjálmarsson
CEO, BG Cleaning Systems International
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The Franchise Consulting Exercise was very enlightening and thought provoking.It is now more clearer to us of how we can franchise this business and form a strong foundation for growth in the fenestration Industry and Business in general.-D PatelThe consulting exercise was very imformative and structured.It was delivered in a precise manner with perfect case studies, tremendous experience and background knowledge of franchising any business.

Amrit Patel
Director, Sohom Fenestech Pvt Ltd
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About Over All Experience: We will rank the experience excellent as far as understanding of project is concerned, it is better than any other company, and we have worked with so far. Areas That Were Most Beneficial: Development of new project. Giving new dimensions to project. Identifying weaknesses and restructuring the entire model ready to face any competition. Yes, the in-depth knowledge of SM on any project is beyond expectation.
About Lead Consultant: Mr. Amit Nahar is committed, expert, experienced, professional and a very good advisor. He first understands the needs of franchisor then he thinks about his gains. A dynamic young consultant always ready to support. Have solutions for all issues. Makes the client feel comfortable and tension free. Gets into micro levels of entire project. I think this space is not sufficient to explain qualities, traits, knowledge and expertise of lead consultant.
About team: If the team leader is Amit Nahar, I don’t think I need to comment any thing about his team. Yes, the team is genius.   

Ashish Bhagoria
Managing Director, Vividh Edutech Pvt Ltd, India
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At levers we were trying to put the blocks in place for franchising swirls our ice cream division across the country through new age parlors which is when I interacted with Mr. Nahar & his team. They really put a lot of insight into the entire strategy & helped us evolve a business model that we could execute across the country. We then went and put up the pilot at an appropriate location and put in place one of the most successful franchisees, a relationship that both the franchisee & franchisor cherish. For our ambitious expansion plans, we look forward to a lot of such effective franchise partnerships happening from sparkleminds.Accolades to sparkleminds and their team for catalyzing franchising in our country.

Rajat Luthra
National Sales Manager Out Of Home, Hindustan Lever Ltd, Ice Cream Division
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Sparkleminds has a tremendous eye for detail for the kind of franchisee franchisors seek .In today’s markets when people want to just take up a franchise and start the cash register ringing we wanted franchisees who would be committed to our cause & business & run the business with the same passion that we do. We are glad that India’s Best Franchisee Centre has happened with the help of sparkleminds at Malleshwaram and that’s because it’s a perfect blend of the right person for the right business.

Sunil Dhiraj
Account Manager Channel Development, Hughes Escorts Communication Ltd
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We were on the lookout for a franchise with a property for a studio store on Brigade road for quite a while, and as if by coincidence we got in touch with sparkleminds. Within no time we had a franchisee up and running at that location. I was impressed by the brand locator exercise that these people implement, wherein they literally scan the entire busy retail locations and open up possibilities for companies like us. Glory to Sparkleminds for having given that synergy to us, I strongly recommend Sparkleminds for others who are seeking franchisees in malls and high street retail locations and are looking at effective franchise recruitment solutions.

H Anand Aiyer
Brand Head, Classic Polo-Royal Classic Mills (P) Ltd
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The Sparkleminds team has enhanced our growth. Thanks to Mr. Nahar, for having established a show to service companies like ours. I must concede that the franchisor department & properties division has in-depth understanding of franchising coupled with the ground realities of our industry and space realities that co exists in our markets. Keep up the good work. I am confident that a lot of companies will benefit from your expertise and dedication to the growth of franchising in India. The need for smart franchise consulting is quite imminent and seems to me a crying necessity.

Sandeep Ahuja
Head Franchisee Development, Barista Coffee Company Limited
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“We roped in Sparkleminds while we were firming up our Franchise Plan. Sparkleminds helped us in blending the company objectives to the aspirations of the prospects and deliver a desirable proposal, which both the parties would cherish. Besides adding value to our proposal they as a neutral entity brought valuable customer / prospect insights which otherwise would have been difficult and time consuming to get. Their experience helped us re-look areas which had far reaching implications. We will continue to seek their assistance.
We recommend Sparkleminds to startups and emerging brands with aspirations of franchising. If you get answers to most of your queries at a single stop, why not go for it.”   

Deepak Sonthalia
Head – Franchising & Business Development, Lifetime Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Life ken