Consult an expert before framing the Franchise Model.

Written by Aakansha S

The process of a business idea developing into a full-fledged idea which can, later on, be manifested in the market can be a very complex task. This is where the concept of franchising comes to play. When one looks into the franchising world, it comes to our notice that the number of franchises in the world has increased on a large scale. A major reason as to why franchises have become so popular is because it’s a promise that franchising one’s business is an established route to success. Working with a market expert in designing your franchise model is always advisable.


In order to take a dive into the franchising world, one has to understand what franchising is. The first step to franchising is signing the contractual arrangement between two firms: the franchisor and the franchisee. According to this arrangement that the contract holds, the franchisee has the right to buy market goods or services that are listed under the franchisor’s company or brand name.  However, although the statements listed above ensure you a smooth journey to success, it is not so. One’s concept or their idea has to be franchised effectively so that it proves to be a great expansion strategy that does not require a bulk of capital that will drain the budget of the company.

How does one do this?

  • Know your business: One cannot give details to the franchisee that is marked with doubt and indecisiveness as franchisee does not have the liberty to improvise upon various details. This also requires looking into whether one’s business can be franchised. Every step of the process has to be outlined and well thought out. The franchiser is the parents of the business; the creator. The franchiser will have to provide details on how the franchisee should go about the procedure.


  • What Is Your End Goal?: We all know how not mouth watering the results of converting one’s business into a franchise is. However, one should get carried away by this. Some companies want to scale at a reasonable rate whereas some companies might look forward to becoming franchisees with new business models which may result in an expansion of the company. For others, it may mean a new outlet or outlets. In order to get a clearer idea, one can hire a franchise consultant to help guide them in making various decisions.


  • Planning: There should be a strategic business planning wherein the franchisor takes into account their company’s current status with growth and the goal of expansion. Knowing this will enable the franchisor with a clearer idea of what requirements are needed to set up the franchise. These requirements will have to be stitched into the wider fabric of the companies organizational functionality. In order to sell franchises, the franchisors should also have a marketing plan that is able to communicate the franchisor’s goal.


Here, at sparkleminds, we recognize how every business is different and in accordance to the franchisor’s needs, we tailor programs that suit the franchisor’s prospect. We do this by formulating a clear strategy by analyzing the requirements and the challenges that could be posed to the company under various circumstances. We offer expert advice on the functions that should be carried out by the franchisor in terms of finance, human resources, etc. Although turning one’s business into a franchise can be a hard task, reaching out to sparkleminds can make the process easier and faster.

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