Franchise Marketing Strategy for the Right Kinda Franchises

Written by Aakansha S

Okay, not to rub it in your face, being a franchisor isn’t easy. It’s hard to get customers for your business out there and if you don’t get the right quantum of business, you’re in for a swoop of disappointment. Likewise, you will end up losing money and more importantly, your competitors are eating your business away. It is important to grow your business and appoint franchises across various geographies where you are certain to do great business. However, you may have limited resources and even bandwidth to service new markets. Here’s where an effective franchise marketing strategy comes in. Did your ears just perk up? Buckle up ‘cause we have some franchise marketing solutions for you!

It’s of common awareness that marketing a franchise isn’t as easy as it looks (that’s if it did look easy to you) because it requires a lot of experience in the arena. Here’s where Sparkleminds swoops and helps set your business right by helping you create your franchise expansion plan. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of an effective franchise marketing strategy and various franchise marketing strategies, let’s look at why you should expand your business and what this would lead to;

Expanding your business would inadvertently lead to:

  • An increase in your resources, stock & brand presence.
  • This will coincidentally lead to an increase in sales. Does that mean profit? It sure does.
  • This helps you invest more money in your business expansion.
  • It also helps reduce extraneous risks like competition and changes in the market structure, etc.


  What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing is where a company deploys several mediums like commercial advertising, internet, radio, mail advertising, and public relations to attract prospective franchisees. This involves and is not limited to franchise digital marketing. Hopefully, that has enticed you enough. Franchise sales and marketing strategies usually start with the execution of a detailed franchise development program. In addition to one of the main components is the development of the right collaterals and deploying advertisements as per the master plan. This plan should answer all your questions about how to attract potential franchisees.

  • Franchise marketing strategies:

Franchise Marketing systems: Franchise owners always enjoy advantages and have a higher success rate than those who start businesses from square one. Franchisors will have to make use of operating systems, marketing systems, and training systems to derive strategic decisions to help take control of sales. An intricately defined system works like a blueprint to help one understand how the organization will move on. Similarly, the roles the franchisors and franchisee have to carry out to lead them to their goals. Franchise marketing systems often interweave all of these into their execution plan.


  • Franchise Marketing Plan:

Every franchise marketing plan involves a fixed budget. This has to be decided after taking into account the kind of resources you have and the quality of the franchises you require. This also acts as a balancing pole between your goals and other resources. Lastly, it is important to narrow your franchise audience of prospective buyers. This is a good way to accelerate franchise marketing. Sparkleminds provides an intensive marketing plan that hits the target audience almost every time. Further, the company has a vast experience in all industries ranging from restaurants, salons, technology companies, education franchises.


  • Franchise Marketing Companies in India:

India has very few specialized franchise marketing companies like Sparkleminds. They provide specialized services that make sure that each franchisee is recruited in a manner that helps maximize the franchisor sales. So, as franchisors, it is extremely important to have a hand in adapting to the local markets to maximize the sales of your franchises based on what their local customers demand.


  • Franchise Marketing Agency Network:

A good agency network like the one sparkleminds has built in India over the last 2 decades can help you eliminate risks. Therefore, these are usually attached to investing capital for franchise business expansion. Reaching a far-spread market like India with so many cultural and other variations. Also, an experienced network is critical to get you to the desired franchisee profiles. Sparkleminds has its fair share of local franchise marketing agents.who pass them leads from their territories on a regular basis.


  • Franchise Brand Marketing:

Franchise brand marketing is a powerful way to help build a connection with one’s customer base. This helps the customer base understand your vision and this helps narrow down your target audience. The franchises have to be educated properly about this vision. Likewise, they must be trained sufficiently to ensure that they forward the brand identity through their outlets, seamlessly.

What is Sparkleminds marketing strategy?

Sparkleminds franchise brand marketing process involves:

  • A development plan that exceeds visual identity
  • Sparkleminds always works in accordance with brands vision.
  • We start by positioning the brand correctly and how it should progress, especially since this will be relayed through franchises.
  • Through this, we look into the bottlenecks that are hindering progress and make sure to correct them
  • Therefore, we promise to create a franchise brand that you are proud of and something that has the potential of expanding widely.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out the details here, to get franchise marketing ideas and get professional help from the best franchise consultants in India who are sure to help you with every single query. Happy franchising!

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